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  1. Making of an AK-74M for Ground Branch

    Nice to see you're still going strong Snow. I have no doubt that your modelling skill will be up to date in no time! I do have a question though...I know you manually paint (or atleast used to) textures in photoshop. Have you looked into using Mudbox for this yet? I'm not experienced in it myself at all, have only used it for sculpting some terrain, and painting some logs but I have watched some tutorials at youtube and it does seems damn nice for this purpose. Take a look at this M60 texture tutorial, they even set it up for UDK;
  2. Ground Branch Modding - WIP's

    2 years, im on my third and just started up max again for 3 days ago Anyway, model look nice even after this long time Snow!
  3. UAV

    Nano UAV, PD100-Black Hornet.
  4. Will the Mission Editor be IGOR-like?

    Sorry for bringing this thread back up again, but I'm just wondering if you guys have any new info for us about the editor? I have some few questions myself as I'm really eager to mod GB when the day comes; how's Speedtree working out? Is there enough different trees included in the package to simulate different zones of the world, as desert, wood, jungle and so on? How much geometry do you actually build up in the editor? Only the landscape mesh, or is it more like Radiant (COD) where all buildings aswell is built up inside the editor. I have been toying around a bit with SketchUp lately and it's really good to create basic buildings in compared to 3d Max, but the whole process with building and texturing takes time, so could be good to get some info around this so the most eager modders could start off already. Btw,, guess you guys have tried this out?
  5. ...and that's exactly what makes tactical shooters so much more interesting then the bam-slam, run and gun games!