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  1. The YouTube Thread

    LoL, that's awesome.
  2. Training

    This may sound wierd, but it would be awesome if you could set it up so you did not know what the layout was like before entering the killhouse. You could train for the un expected. I know that really is a pipe dream, but perhaps some things could be done to a limited degree, such as lighting levels, and target placements. Changing such things really adds to the replayability of any level.
  3. Happy Birthday Basil

    Happy Birthday
  4. Raven Shield (PC)

    *bump* Come and play!!! SAS and NTF are still getting servers packed with plenty of tactical play on a regular basis. So dig out your old cd and get back in the action. And if you think this is some kind of shameless plug, well you are kinda right, but still come have a few rounds anyway. Best Regards Relinquish
  5. British Passports

    It is bad enough for people who dont make mistakes when filling in forms and only have to do it once. I normally have to pick up 5 copies in the hope ill get though one of them without an error, only at the end of the process to get the last letter of my name slightly out side the box when signing my signature.
  6. YouTube channel

    Getting on youtube is a good idea. Good luck with ironing out those issues.
  7. Snow Vehicle Concept

    I love it. Must have been so much fun testing that machine.
  8. Casual / Flash games

    Here is one i've just played through today. 21 ultra quick puzzles where you have to be lightning fast with your mouse. My best score was 593.
  9. Special Operations Tactics in Tactical Games

    I think it is just plain easier to make a game that is either pure stealth or pure speed. If the players behaviour is predictable, programming the AI response is easier. As soon as you let the player start thinking and taking their own decision on how to approach situations, you are going to have a real problem creating a realistic response. So personally I do not see that the balance is between slow and fast, but instead is between, how much freedom the player has in approaching a situation, and, how good the AIs response can be.
  10. My gun right posters/pics...

    OMG, totally agree, dual weilding guy looks awesome. I like how as part of his total awesomeness assault gear he includes a bottle of water. I just wonder how he is going to drink it though his balaclava.
  11. News on Publisher Meeting?

    How much is the going rate for healthy kidneys nowadays?
  12. What game are you playing while waiting for GB?

    I'm back at home and now playing on my brothers xbox 360. I got to say i'm quite enjoying R6:V2. As a FPS i think it plays rather well. It is the best coop shooter i've tried so far. COD World at War is fun but without the modern weapons it just isnt as enjoyable. One game i've tried but not really enjoyed is the latest GTA. For me its just too big a city to bother learning, and the missions feel exactly like playing previous games. Also the car handling being changed to make it more challenging, but for me that has just striped the fun out of it. On the PC i've recently been enjoying Empire Total War. I think they did a great job with it, although it does crash a lot on me. But I kind of expected that as I dont invest much money in my PC so it is a bit out dated.
  13. Valve: Let Fans Fund Game Development

    I dont think it is possible. If it were to be offered though a commercial service like steam then all "investments" would have to be guarenteed and all risk removed. And in that case, really, what would be the point.
  14. Work out much?

    Personally I think the best way to get in shape is to join some sort of sports club. When I joined my university rowing club I soon got in very good physical shape, whilst really enjoying myself. Since quiting i've found it very hard to motivate myself to go out exercising. So all i would say is find some one else, or a group of people to get fit with. Its way easier and way more fun. Also rowing, whether on water, or on machine, works an aweful lot of muscles, and you're whole cardio system, all at the same time. Good luck, have fun.
  15. TOPGEAR mitsubishi-lancer-evo-vii-vs-british-army

    I love watching topgear. Its a very entertaining show, imo. However you have to take everything they say with a pick of salt. After all it is primarily an entertainment programme. Lets face it,it neither shows the lancer in its true role as a chav-tastic ######ty car, or the British Army as proper military force. Its just a bit of fun.