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  1. Spiritual successor to Project Reality?

    The real project reality 2 was quietly cancelled long ago. There's a big post about it somewhere on reddit.
  2. What is that from?
  3. ArmA2 Operation Arrowhead...

    If I remember correctly this is what they were hinting at, jokingly pronouncing it as the Japanese Defense Forces dlc on April Fools and a few days ago. It's a pretty good deal and comes with a bit more than their other DLC's. I will probably get it since Arma 3 is still 4-6 months away, plus it comes with some of the weapons and possibly some vehicles that will be in Arma 3.
  4. Watch Dogs

    This was probably the only impressive new game I've seen so far...
  5. ArmA3 announced...

    I think I remember them saying it wouldn't be in the core game but with the implementation of physx it could be modded in if somebody wanted to do it.
  6. Kickstarter campaign release date?

    haha yea that's an easy mil right there.
  7. Red Orchestra: Heroes Of Stalingrad

    I hadn't played this in many months due to the buggyness of it and the past couple days I have revisited it with the new patch and they have really improved and optimised it. There are still some minor bugs but I have been having lots of fun playing and I might go back to regularly playing it. Also classic mode is awesome it's basically just RO1 with RO2 visuals, which is what a lot of the fan base wanted from the beginning. Hopefully the pacific mod will come out soon and later the vietnam mod, those should be nice.
  8. Some Ideas

    The 'XP reward system', as far as I know, will be unnecessary because there will be no unlocking or leveling up. Everyone gets everything from the start. It will be up to the players who want to play tactically to do so on their own accord by learning and using real world tactics like formations and using them as a team. The tactical aid may be helpful for some people, but not something I'd expect on first release.
  9. Kickstarter campaign release date?

    As far as I know the KS page will come up instantly, you just get a preview page first to check over everything.
  10. Black Ops 2: Pewpewpew!

    Although the setting is atleast somewhat more original because it's Treyarch, it will still be the same boring gameplay over again because that seems to be what their good at. Copy and pasting.
  11. Guess what movie

    the walking dead?
  12. Guess what movie

  13. Guess what movie

    easy one:
  14. Guess what movie

    It's a good movie, the entire thing takes place inside of a tank which is cool. It's called Lebanon just in case anyone is wondering...
  15. Guess what movie

    nope. hint: its a foreign film.