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  1. Play As A Team?

    As an aside regarding statistics tracking, it would be kinda nice if they are exported to an XML file on disk. This would probably be something pretty simple to do. Then people could write their own programs/utilities to do all the number crunching and showcasing the data.
  2. Joining servers

    Please have join by IP address. This is a very small feature that many games don't have... and it's easy to implement!
  3. Multiplayer Maps and Bots?

    If there is no time in the development cycle, would it be possible to have the SDK for modding be open enough to allow for future bot development by the community?
  4. Port for Linux?

    True, but see here's the thing... there aren't many commercial Linux games. So when a major game does get released, all the Linux gamers buy it, even if it's a genre that maybe they're not thrilled about. So basically, there really isn't much competition in the market if you release a Linux game. Whereas, in a larger Windows market, you have more people, but you have to try hard to win people over. I see your point and I understand from a development perspective how hard it is and how you have to go for the largest community base. It's really a "chicken versus egg" issue. Linux probably won't get hugely popular unless there are more commercial games released and more commercial game releases probably won't happen unless Linux gets more popular.
  5. PC gaming and Piracy

    Understanding that is half the battle. Look at Stardock, they made the ever popular GalCiv to rave reviews. The game was great, not spectacular graphics, but they knew that there was a market for it. they kept releasing updates and improvements for a LONG time. They have one of the most loyal and dedicated fan-bases I have ever seen for a game. Word of mouth is an excellent advertising approach.
  6. Port for Linux?

    While I think you're right... there are still many many people using Linux. Especially in developing countries where spending large amounts of money on Vista is considered a waste. Look at, there are 5,653 people there right now. That's just one Linux distribution...
  7. Multiplayer Maps and Bots?

    Will we be able to play multiplayer maps and gametypes with bots? I know this is something that would take some work but for people that aren't able to play online this would be a big plus.
  8. 28 Weeks Later

    Student discount, $2.00 dollars. It was quite good though.
  9. Port for Linux?

    Well... I have no problem with a company making a product and selling it to make money. The problem lies when you have Microsoft who has a monopoly on the Operating System and is a huge Independent Software Vendor. So their ISV people have an "in" with the operating system people and are able to manipulate either software in order to work better and undermine the competition. For example, there are the main API libraries and then ones that are "under development". But those that are supposedly under development may run faster or have newer features. These APIs have closed documentation but the MS people can look at them and use them. Or maybe give clients who they like have access to them. It's not actually illegal to have a monopoly, but if you do things to undermine or prevent competition, this is illegal.
  10. 28 Weeks Later

    Just saw it tonight. Good movie.
  11. Port for Linux?

    I sat in on a presentation from someone who worked on the Comes vs. Microsoft antitrust case. Very interesting stuff. He was something of a Linux junkie too so I guess it was a little biased but there are a lot of things that MS has done in the past and is doing to undermine the "competition" and prevent interoperability.
  12. Port for Linux?

    Yeah, the Nvidia drivers are really easy to install. Most big distributions have a package available in their repositories so it's just an issue of downloading and installing that, all the configuration is taken care of. ATI still has some catching up to do however...
  13. Port for Linux?

    Doom 3, Unreal Tournament Games, Wolfenstein Enemy Territory, Quake 4, and even the to be released Enemy Territory Quake Wars can run under Linux.
  14. Performance vs. Hardware requirements

    I would have to go with good visuals and higher than average hardware requirements. However, definitely keep the support and patches coming after the game is released. Optimizations might crop up afterwards that help people with slower computers.
  15. Port for Linux?

    I haven't had any problems getting my 7600 working with the Nvidia drivers. The problem with having it emulated is probably speed issues. If you develop the entire game to work with Directx and all the fancy wizardry that is in the latest graphics cards, then it's going to be pretty difficult to emulate that in software. But... maybe it can be done. Transgaming just released Cedega v6.0..