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  1. Wanted: new Angelina Jolie movie

    x2 CC
  2. Weapons

    100% agreed Please no dozens of guns that behave all the same way. CC
  3. Game Features

    Yeah why hammers and nails, all you need is something solid, like a chimney or a tree (when abseiling down a cliff) where you can "attach" (sorry I can't find a better word) your rope. You got some great ideas there CC
  4. What song are you listening to?

    AC/DC - Live Wire CC
  5. Need opinions for website design (for GB)

    I agree with the Corporal CC
  6. this might have to go on my Christmas list.

    :rofl: Do we have Forum Awards here? If yes, this has to be funniest post 2007! CC
  7. Crosshairs or Ironsights?

    NORG IS the answer CC
  8. The Chicken and The Horse

  9. Ground Branch Ready

    :rofl: That's hilarious!! CC
  10. Happy Birthday, John

    Happy Birthday John!!! CC
  11. Thread jacking in progress

    Wow, I didn't mean to kick off a discussion here, i was just joking... CC
  12. Thread jacking in progress

    Aww come on, Dragsters just go fast in a straight line! A train can do that too. And while we're talking about beer, we Germans certainly don't use beercans... CC
  13. Thread jacking in progress

    lol Americans and V8s, we could squeeze 300 hp out of a beercan . CC