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  1. x2 CC
  2. 100% agreed Please no dozens of guns that behave all the same way. CC
  3. Yeah why hammers and nails, all you need is something solid, like a chimney or a tree (when abseiling down a cliff) where you can "attach" (sorry I can't find a better word) your rope. You got some great ideas there CC
  4. AC/DC - Live Wire CC
  5. I agree with the Corporal CC
  6. :rofl: Do we have Forum Awards here? If yes, this has to be funniest post 2007! CC
  7. NORG IS the answer CC
  8. LMAO CC
  9. :rofl: That's hilarious!! CC
  10. Happy Birthday John!!! CC
  11. Wow, I didn't mean to kick off a discussion here, i was just joking... CC
  12. Aww come on, Dragsters just go fast in a straight line! A train can do that too. And while we're talking about beer, we Germans certainly don't use beercans... CC
  13. lol Americans and V8s, we could squeeze 300 hp out of a beercan . CC