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  1. mission length

    I rely dont want this to be another GRAW and to be able to complete the co-op campaign in a day i would prefer more OGR style missions, infact OGR's the perfect example maybe with slightly bigger levels though.
  2. Squad tactics in mp

    I was wondering if you guys are trying to include squad tactics in mp and if so what will be the benifits of staying in a squad be since other games have tried this in the past but have failed. I have no ideas for the squad system i just started a topic for it to be discussed.
  3. I think the game would be more immersive if your teamates that you worked with had personalitys and backgrounds because if you remember OFP it would say ' oh no 2 ... is down ' but who the ###### is gonna miss '2' a good example of personality is the conflict series, oh how i weeped when they left foley behind :'( R.I.P Foley ( Mr sniper man ). That wounded me real deep and i would like to experience that agen so if you would be kind enough to make teammates with personalitys i would really appriciate it, takin this one step further would be a morale system with mourning etc but i dont know about that. Also you have to include a black man ( that dosent die in a cutscene ) cuz i seemed to get attatched to them, them being so rare n'all.AAAAAAAAAAAAnd a sniper named foley. That'll be all
  4. mission length

    I would like to see stages in missions e.g you could set up a temporary base camp and then gather intel on a target that you have been ordered to assasinate and the more time you spent doing that the easier it would be or if you didnt want to do that you could just set up an ambush and wait for the target to reach you then ... KABOOOM hes down. You could be able to decide which approach you are going to take in the briefing room, and maybe it could change according to what happened whilst you are on the mission. A mountain hike here and there wouldnt hurt either
  5. in one of your early screenshots there is a sniper positioned awkwardly between two logs im just wondering if this will be possible ( to a certain degree ) in the game, in OFP there were interactions where ever you went e.g put you gun on your back, sit down. Theres plenty more of interacive things in the enviroment and i would be cool to see them used.
  6. sniping?

    omg i started this topic 2 months ago and its still going, GO ME !!
  7. Image Teaser Discussion Thread

    ^^^ lol very true buts its hard not to want moooooreee^^^
  8. Contributions?

    ^^^^harder than it sounds people, harder than it sounds^^^^
  9. realistic character customization

    that looks dead cool, but freaky lol
  10. Cooperative game

    depends what kind of mission your on if your on that desert mission off the screen shots i wouldnt mind having like 50 people like a black hawk down effect (isnt that such a great movie) but if its like submarine insertion i would prefer 6 to 10 players
  11. naming your player ?

    how bigs that compared to other games ??
  12. ofp elite

    does any of the console gamers still play on operation flashpoint elite for the xbox
  13. naming your player ?

    very very true but i wish the level sizes on this game are going to be at least half the size of OFP
  14. Recoil poll and discussion

    reticules croshairs all the same to me
  15. detailed intel gathering

    thats exactly what i meant krise