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Mutual Respect

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We're all here for a common reason. We have a comon bond. I don't think I need to explain what it is.


Game developers, many of whom frequent here as well, are guys just like you and me. Gaming fans. Many of them were young gamers, who became modders in the community, and then went on to get jobs with development studios. Guys like Serellan, Wolfsong, Talon, and others you may know from various forums and websites.


One thing we pride ourselves on here at BFS, is mutual respect for gamers and devs alike.


This is a place to share ideas, knowledge, and together work to improve gaming and it's community.


Opinions are everywhere. Likes and dislikes are a part of human nature. We can all find things about various games we disliked. But those things that you may dislike, are the hard work of some of those guys that are a part of this global gaming community.


When we talk about various games and the people that developed them, here at BFS we will do it with the mutual respect that all of us in this common gaming community deserve.


There's no reason not to. There are always ways to express a dislike for a certain game or feature, and do so not only respectfully, but in a constructive way that may help improve those issues in future games.


Think about what you are about to say before you post here.


Let's all treat each other, gamers and devs alike, with the respect that we all deserve.


Thank you.



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