Heroes and Generals

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I've been playing it off and on today. They still have a lot of stream-lining to do.


Screen grabs for ya.









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How does it feels comparing to Iron Front?


Clunkier to be honest. Character movements from sprinting to walking and vice versa are clunky. Transitioning to various spots in armor isn't very good, nor are the overall movements/panning in said positions. At present, I've only really seen a total of three maps, though I'm sure they'll be adding more variety. The visuals aren't anything to write home about, however, the draw-distance on grass and foliage in general exceeds that of ArmA and Iron Front. There are some very questionable design choices for certain classes i.e. - AT personnel only have a Panzerfaust and a knife. Paratroopers only have a handgun and a knife. Come on really? A few more issues here and there.

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How big are the maps?


Hard to tell as the ability to explore is hindered by constant combat. Best I can do at the moment however, I fully understand this is useless without a scale.




Clunkier than Arma2? Holy mother.




Yep... I'm fairly certain it'll all be ironed out as the beta progresses though.

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I played this back when this thread started, have not touched since as it was in a bit of a state then, still going I see, may fire it back up:


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Been playing this for the past week. It reminds me a lot of DoD (Day of Defeat) back in the day. I loved that game. So now i'm having a great time!


- It has fast gameplay but not too fast. I don't feel my character is moving at superhuman speed.

- The sound is solid as far as i've heard. Locational audio is good. I sat behind a rock somewhere and i heard feet shuffling my way, turned around and killed that sneaky German soldier. Distance and environment sounds are also good.

- Graphics are good enough. So far i've seen nice maps. Time varies which is nice too. Night, Day and foggy weather all look nice.

- Not a lot of one shot kills. It takes a few rounds, 3 or so, to kill someone. Maybe i need to aim for the head more.


Ranking up and such:

The unlock/grind/credits/gold system are kind of what you expect. You can play and earn stuff, or purchase gold.

New weapons, higher ROF, more damage etc..

There's a lot of things about upgrading i don't understand yet, but i don't really care for now.


What i like is that playing with the default entry level semi auto rifle doesn't make me feel weak at all. It takes a few shots to kill someone but you are certainly capable of doing damage.

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