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BlackFoot Studios Launches BFS 2.0

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In 2004, the industry witnessed the opening of BlackFoot Studios, an independent development studio created by John Sonedecker, former Lead Artist for Red Storm Entertainment and one of the driving forces behind the award winning Ghost Recon series.


John’s professional career in game design and development spans over a decade of involvement and influence in high profile projects including several Triple A Tom Clancy titles, and developing tactical simulations for the military.


In 2007, was launched, and Sonedecker revealed the beginning development of Ground Branch, the premier title from his studio that would return the first person shooter genre back to its tactical roots.


With authentic realism and gameplay based on intelligent strategy, fans of the first person shooter genre would once again experience a true tactical military experience that is hard to find in today's gaming market. The Blackfoot Studios forums and community quickly swelled with a loyal following.


Despite the difficulties faced by independent developers without a big name publisher, John and his team remained steadfast in their endeavor. Through several years of perseverance and dedication, Ground Branch slowly took shape and became a reality.


Now, on April 16th 2012, after working under the radar to bring tangible results to their loyal community, BlackFoot Studios is returning to the forefront with the reveal of its redesigned home website, and a new second site dedicated specifically to Ground Branch.


With all new content, never before seen screenshots and game footage, inside information and one on one talks with the BlackFoot Studios developers, BFS 2.0 will bring Ground Branch back into the spotlight.


BlackFoot Studios would like to thank its loyal community that has stuck with us from the beginning, not only through the exciting times, but through the quiet times. And now, we invite all of our existing members, and new ones, to continue with us into the next phase of the studio's growth and Ground Branch's development.


Welcome to BFS 2.0.

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