A Gaming Brotherhood (AGB) Notified of your Kickstart

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Hello folks, I just wanted to say that I posted your Kickstart campaign over at "A Gaming Brotherhood" as well as let the owner of the site know of your venture. We have at any given time 150 - 300 active gamers, but our tactical and FPS groups are mostly middle-aged technologists, consultants and business owners who love the game. If you are not familiar with us, we have done quite a bit of modding, programming, alpha/beta testing, etc. for quite a few games including the GR Series (I personally have created over 300 modded missions for GRAW2 at with talented individuals that have worked or current work at high level positions at Microsoft and Dell. So if you need additional auditing or 3rd party support for testing, please do not hesitate to ask as we have access to equipment, talent and funding.


Here is the post, please let me know if there are any errors in representing your company:


"Those of you who have played Rainbow Six or any of the Ghost Recon series games may be familar with John Sonedecker, the Lead Artist and main development force for Red Storm Entertainment. John is also the founder of Blackfoot Studios who have been working on a new tactical shooter called "Ground Branch" which has just released a pre-Alpha look into the technology and tactics of this new game. Here is the first look into the game from their Ground Branch website ->


John has also launched a new Kickstart campaign to raise funds to take their gaming experience to the next level with funds being used to hire additional talent and incorporate new technology to bring the total tactical shooter experience to PC. At the Kickstart page, you can view a more indepth look at the pre-alpha video to see what they are doing and how they are doing it ->


Blackfoot Studios is located righ here in my backyard of sunny Columbus, OH (well it's sunny today) and has deep roots within the military community.


If you have the opportunity and ability to commit to a donation, there is one more perk that is not located on the Kickstart page, Rocky from has graciously decided to give away additional prizes including a first prize Steam License for GRFS ->


If there are any questions, I'll be BF3'ing this weekend with the rest of the team on our TS3 channel."



Take Care,


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