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Hi, to you all and a very warm welcome.


We as older members have grown up with Ground Branch and its concept, we absolutely believe in it and its Production Staff and of Course John the Boss.


We, over the last few weeks have been working hard to spread the word to bring people just like you into the fold and to educate others that are out side to come in as well.


I believe that a lot of us me included are somewhat sheltered in the outside gaming world we don't venture too far from home (BFS).


We can spread the word and we try hard to find places where we think Tactical gamers frequent but it is not easy, so this is where you come in you have come from out side this forum, YOU HAVE COME FROM OUTSIDE.


We need you and hundreds more like you to spread the word about this great game, you are fresh from outside you are probably more up to date than a lot of us with the ways of other sites and how they work, you are more familiar with trends and what people want.


We have a link here


That people have provided, links to sites they have been too, it is a good place to start have a read and we have missed any potential sites that you think we can visit get stuck in go for it.


Before posting on other sites please remember as a member here you have a certain responsibility to be respectful to all that you come into contact with when talking about ground branch.


An example of a good post put on the Steam forum by WhiteKnight 77.




Kickstarter: Ground Branch; Ghost Recon Successor

Ground Branch now has a Kickstarter campaign going on.




If you are a fan of the first, award winning, Ghost Recon (as well as Rainbow Six and Rogue Spear), then Ground Branch is what you are looking for if you miss what GR and R6 brought the gaming world. GB is the successor to those games and forward what was started by those games compared to what has happened with those franchises.


The owner of Blackfoot Studios was the former lead level designer on those 3 games at Red Storm Entertainment as well as working for and with the US Army at Ft. Bragg developing video training games for use by SF troops like the Green Berets. There are also Green Berets and instructors from JFKSWCS who are working closely with BFS in ensuring that if it can happen in the real world, it can happen in the game world and with the motion capture sequences.


You would be remiss at not checking out the GB Kickstarter page. user_offline.gif



So NEW MEMBERS we need you more than you know please spread the word about GB get them to look at GB and the KS page






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