Some Cool Ground Branch 1 or 2 Ideas :)

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Hi all,

I have some cool ideas for Ground Branch and just wanted to know what you guys would think of them :)



Use Parallax mapping for each textured object in the game.


When in Cold or Cold Rainy Environments show character breaths.


Make everything in the Environment Destructable.


In Urban City areas when it is windy show Debris being carried off by the wind.

Make it so when you move through Vegetation let it have a reaction to your movements such as pushing away Bushes or grass being flattened when stepped on.

If mud has been stepped in have the ability to see Character Footprints.


Have Birds flying in the air in Forest and Urban City Maps.


If you are in a mission where it is raining show the drops on your Goggles.


If you Dive and it is Raining,Snowing, or going through the Desert, show the environment material sticking onto your goggles then fading away.


When in heavily Tree covered areas show the tree leaves falling off and gracefully hitting the ground or depending on Wind Speed and Direction show the leaves being carried off by the wind.


When a Tank or a Jet Fighter Aircraft is in close proximity show the ground vibrating & show heat signatures coming out from the exhuast from machines engines.


When in a Firefight show the Environment shaking and pushing into your character affecting for your Field Of View, Aim and Movement with some suspensful music as this will add a more Intense Chaotic and Rush Battle feeling to the game.


When being shot at by Enemy Forces show bright colored flashy Bullet trails coming towards you and zooming past you.


Have the occasional Bird sighting depending on the Environment when in Wooded or Urban areas.



Have the ability to link up and walk into a desired formation with your Squad mates.


Have Objectives were you will need all of your Squad mates to complete an Objective. An Example here is

to set up Synchronized Headshots with your Squad Members like here in Ghost Recon Future Soldier.


Make the game so you have to use Teamwork because if you don't use Teamwork the Objectives will be basicly impossible to do on your own. This also gives Players a sense of relationship with his Squad Mates.


If You have selected the Sniper Class have Breathing Control when Zoomed in with the Scope.

If You have selected the Sniper Class, In Single Player or Co-op have the ability to let Snipers Relay Information back and forth to you such as Target Location,Target Range,Target Weapons, etc.


If You have selected the Sniper Class, Have the ability to choose a Character to be a Spotter


When a Character is Dead have the ability to search the Body for vital Intelligence.


Have the ability to use Shout Comply when entering a building similar to SWAT4.



Have an added ability to Customize your own character by choosing Race.


If a Sniper Class is picked you should be able to Customize the Gilly Suit Color,Pattern & Vegetation on himself and his Sniper Rifle.


Have the ability to take your Customized Weapon and test it out before entering the Battlefield.



Have the ability to gear up with as much equipment as a real Special Forces would.


Base each Weapon item on the real thing such as Weapon Kickback,Blast Radius for Grenades,Flashbangs, & Actual Bullet Drop in far distances,Weather.etc


On guns when you shoot show smoke coming out of the vents and at the end of the Rifle Barrel.


Use Blade Element Theory on Bullets such as Bullet Grain,Bullet Drop,Windspeed,Distance etc.


When you are the Sniper Class make it easier to shoot & aim while in the Prone or Crouch Position.


If Positioned properly and you see 2 enemies standing side by side eachother if you have the Sniper, have the ability to take out 2 enemies with 1 bullet.


Have the ability to use Thermals or Binnoculars at anytime in the game.



Make the enemy Characters Highly Intelligent and Aware of there surroundings with a Wide Range of View. An Example of this is in the "Original Ghost Recon" for the PC if you shot at an enemy from a far distance and you missed they would recognize which direction the Bullet came from and send a spray of Bullets your way to try and flush you out.


Have the Ability to Force Enemy soldiers to Surrender if they are overwhelmed or shot in a certain area of the body but only allow this happen on Rare Occasion.


When in Single Player make your Artificial Intelligence Squad smart So Your Squad knows exactly what to do without you having to order them around just like in Ghost Recon Future Soldier. Just have the ability to put them on "Advance With Caution" "Advance At All Costs" or "Hold" like in the Original Ghost Recon.


Make it so the game is not Scripted, an example of this is to let the AI react to what ever they see or hear.



Have Real Life Breathing Movements such as the Chest expanding then Shrinking


Have Character Quirk Movements such as if your squad mates are standing in one position for too long show them move there arms and jerk there bodies to get comfortable. Or if a fly is buzzing around them they will shoo it away with there hands.


Have the ability to Slide & Burst Sprint for a few seconds to get to cover.


When a character starts to engage in looking into a Scope or Sight show the character head move slightly forward.


When Shot show the Character Torque in the direction were the bullet came in contact with the body. If a Character is Shot Lethaly show them stance then fall to the ground in a realistic mannor.


Have the ability to turn the Safety On or Off on your Weapon.


When a character shoots a Heavy Rifle, if you are close enough be able to see the recoil pushing his Head and Shoulder back.


Depending if you have a Scope or not have Real World Magnifications depending on that particular Scope. Also show the Characters Arms & Hands moving when doing this action.



Have different blood splatter effects in the body depending on were you are hit.


If you are Shot with a Non Lethal Blow have the ability to hear a high pitch pinging in your ears with faded sounds followed by rapid heart rate,rapid breathing rate and a shawdowing around your eyes.



Have Battles were you have to be very slow & Stealthy were enemy detection is not allowed. The idea is to replicate or simulate real world battles as realistcly as you can.


Do not include any type of Vehicle or Aircraft you can drive or operate. The reason, A real Special Forces Soldier is not multitasked, an Example is If he or she is trained in "Reconassaince" He or she does not get the benefit of flying airplanes. Thier main soul purpose is to provide main "Reconassaince" Information to the team. You should make the game one thing that you are designated to. If you add Tanks,Airplanes,Helicopters to fly or drive ,etc, to the game it adds an unrealistic touch to the game and strays away from the more realistic approach.

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..much of what you have raised is already addressed in multiple threads in the forums archive where BFS have already added input..SEARCH is a good friend to find answers to many of your comments raised :thumbsup:

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Hi, that is a very detailed list of goodies but as Nems has stated most of it has been covered in previous threads, you will also find most of this is in already, except the graphical side, the game will be about the gameplay and not so much how sexy it looks.

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Great ideas Jonathan.


I say leave his ideas for John to go thru.

All valid points.


Yes all of those ideas have been discussed, but, I'm pretty sure Jonathan, like most of us, gets excited to share ideas, he innocently forgot to use the Search Button


OMG, I'm sounding like Zjj!


I remember (when I has hair) I would get ideas, write them down and write it at work (my dial up was so slow to post at home). Then have Zjj give me the "cat bite new post animated gif"

something like this



So I know where Jonathan is coming from.

It's all good Jonathan. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

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hmmmm for some strange reason I cannot for the love of god find any threads with similar ideas to mine. Can someone please be so kind and give me a direct link? I am curious to see for myself. Thanks!


hmmmm for some strange reason I cannot for the love of god find any threads with similar ideas to mine. Can someone please be so kind and give me a direct link? I am curious to see for myself. Thanks!


NVM I found them! btw thanks for all the Feedback smile.png

Edited by Jonathan

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You want a cool idea for the game? How about support for the upcoming Oculus Rift?! Now THAT would be something!


Judging by the latest round of Oculus Rift vids from CES 2013, UE3 already supports it.

I'm sure once the dev kits get closer to launch, an updated UE3 will be released with this support.

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hello bfs what sort of character control,will you be implementing the new stem motion controller so you can use an odt with the rift I don't think you can beat that for realism. really like the look of this game.

Edited by k2k

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