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I came late to this game so I wasn't able to contribute. I am looking for a way but haven't seen one yet. How ever it occured to me that maby you can handle the game the way Goldhawk Interactive handeled Xenonauts. If you played X-Com then you know what Xenonauts is. What Chris Englan did was put the game up on Desura as an alpha test. If you wanted to support the game you paid 15 dollars for standard or 25 dollars for premium and that got you either the game or the game and some other content down the road. I paid for the 25 because I really wanted a good turn based stratagy like xcom but with updated graphics and the like


The advantage's are you have hundreds of alpha testers out there spreading the word to hundreds of other web sites. You get real time commentary on what's good, what's not so good, bugs, all kinds of stuff. Now you have a community that's already playing the game with the understanding that it's an alpha build. It doesn't get pirated because you need the game client to run it. Word spreads. Really you might be able to go to Steam Geenlight with the same senario and get it done. If it is as revolutionary as it sounds you can make this happen. If it's good, they will play it.


Go over to (no, I don't know how to make the link) and ask Chris how he did it. Theres only him and a couple of other guys on the project. He turns out an updated verson every couple of weeks or a month. It.s good stuff.

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