UDK And UE4 Modding Tutorials

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Here you will find liks to handy tutorials and videos on how to mod in UDK. Updated 26/03/2014


This link covers basics. Getting Started. Programming. Content Creation. Level Editing. and Resource Depot.


Technical & Programming

Content Creation

  • Animator - Information for animating skeletal meshes in Unreal Engine 3.
  • Character Artist - Creating skeletal meshes for characters in UE3.
  • Environment Artist - Creating static meshes to populate environments.
  • FX Artist - Information over creating special effects using particles.
  • Technical Artist - Tool creation, materials, profiling & optimization, polish.
  • Texture Artist - Guidelines for creating textures to be used in UE3.

Level Editing

As you can see there is a lot here.


This link covers all the above.



UDK 3 Modding Video Tutorials


Training Topics


Note, VTMs are were made in 2005. The techniques and concepts shown are still the same, though the tools workflow and visuals might differ.


You can also download the assets that are used in many of these videos here:

Dev Team work and Forum members work in UDK



DetCord. Map and more in progress. http://www.blackfoot...?showtopic=5732


BTH Map http://www.blackfoot...topic=5792&st=0


BS Paladin Various work. http://www.blackfoot...?showtopic=6061


Snowfella Weapons and many others. creator of GB weapons. http://www.blackfoot...?showtopic=5822


Snow again with some nice models. http://www.blackfoot...?showtopic=5822

This topic talks aboit AI Placement using Kismet.




Unreal Kismet User Guide. http://udn.epicgames...Named Variables



Tinker Programming. AI http://www.blackfoot...?showtopic=5898



John. Maps and much more. http://www.blackfoot...?showtopic=6222



Swedish_Seb work. http://www.blackfoot...?showtopic=5913


This thread Started by Detcord turned into a Modders dream thread. Maps/Hand Guns/ all sorts. http://www.blackfoot...topic=5732&st=0


From GB forum member Feertti UDK Forum

Lots of help topics and you can ask anything after signing up.



UDK Master classes


UDK Master Classes. Videos by Chris at 3D Palace they are very good. http://www.3d-palace...op/masterclass/


This video by Chris shows how to make realistic sets.





























Blackfoot Studio are now using Unreal Engine 4 Version 4.8





DOWNLOAD THE UDK HERE. https://www.unrealen...unreal-engine-4


Updates Here




Maps Being produced in UDK.





Unreal Engine 4 ​Introduction



Tool & Feature Highlights

  • Bring your creative visions to life directly in-game without programmer assistance with Blueprint visual scripting. Blueprints enable you to easily build playable content without touching a line of code. Use Blueprints to author level, object and gameplay behaviors, modify user interface, adjust input controls and so much more.
  • Live Blueprint Debugging enables you to interactively visualize the flow of gameplay and inspect property values while testing your game. You can even freeze the game and inspect its state by setting breakpoints on individual nodes in your Blueprint graphs.
  • The all-new Code View saves time by allowing you to browse C++ functions directly on game characters and objects and then jump straight to source code lines in Visual Studio to make changes.
  • Make updates to gameplay code while the game is running with Hot Reload. This tool allows you to edit C++ code and see those changes reflected immediately in-game without ever pausing gameplay.
  • After an update is made, Instant Game Previewgives you the power to spawn a player and play anywhere in game without needing to wait for files to save.
  • You can also quickly debug and update gameplay behaviors when they happen through Simulate Mode. This tool lets you run game logic in the editor viewport and inspect AI as the game characters perform actions.
  • The Possess and Eject features allow you to play your game in-editor to easily “eject” from the player’s perspective at any time and take control of the camera to inspect anything that may not be behaving properly.
  • View your game in full-screen within the editing environment with the Immersive View tool. This allows programmers to complete iterations on gameplay changes without added UI clutter or distractions.
  • The new Persona animation system is built on top of the Blueprint visual scripting system, allowing you to construct animation behavior visually and blend movements together with its built-in state support.Unreal Engine 4 also supports advanced DirectX 11 high-end rendering features such as full-scene HDR reflections, thousands of dynamic lights per scene, artist-programmable tessellation and displacement, physically based materials and shading, temporal anti-aliasing, IES lighting profiles and much more.

  • The new material pipeline makes use of physically-based shaders to give you unprecedented control over the look and feel of characters and objects. Layer materials and tweak their values at the pixel level to achieve the desired aesthetic.
  • In addition, Unreal Engine 4 supports advanced GPU particle simulation and collision, which can place millions of particles in a scene. These dynamic particles can even receive and emit light.
  • The all-new Unreal Content Browser organizes all of your game’s assets more efficiently than ever before and even provides dynamic previews.
  • Unreal Engine 4’s unified physics and collision system includes the industry-leading NVIDIA PhysX technology.
  • The robust Unreal Matinee cinematic tools provide director-level control over cut scenes and movies.
  • The user-friendly Unreal Landscape and foliage editor provide advanced sculpting and painting tools so you can quickly create and customize large open worlds.
  • Advanced AI and the dynamic navigation system make it simple to simulate complex behaviors with navigation meshes that update in real time.

Unreal Engine 4 Showcase



Unreal Engine 4 latest video collection as of 03/12/2013




Ground Branch UE4 Update 26/03/2014


Please Read this thread.





Questions and answers that you might find interesting if you want to mod or make a game in UE4

Q.and A. Link:




What is Unreal Engine 4 subscription?

How do I know that UE4 subscription is right for me?


What are Unreal Engine 4's system requirements?


What features are included with Unreal Engine 4?


What platforms can I access under the subscription plan?


What if I need to build my game for console?


Are you really giving everyone the entire C++ source code for UE4?


How do I submit Unreal Engine 4 changes back to Epic?


What all comes with my Unreal Engine 4 subscription?


What can I do with this free content?


Can I create Unreal Engine 4 videos and use them to generate YouTube ad revenue?





I'm currently using UDK. What's your advice for me?


I am close to shipping or have shipped projects using UDK. What does this mean for me?


Does my existing UDK forums account still work? Will that transfer over to the new forums?


I'm a full source UE3 developer. What does this mean for me?





What all can I access for $19 a month?


How much do I have to pay for Unreal Engine 4?


How can I pay for my subscription, and is it automatically recurring?


Do I have to worry about a billing contract or penalties for cancelling my subscription?


What billing information does Epic store?


How do I receive a copy of my billing receipt?


What if I need to cancel my subscription?





UE4 Tutorials.





UE4 Video Tutorials.


This covers many aspects of working within the UE4 mostly getting started but there are a couple of advanced ones in there.





Unreal Engine 4 AI Behavior Tree & NavMesh - Part 1/5


In this series of tutorials I show you how I create my own AI Bot which patrols a given area. This tutorial create a good amount of ground work giving you a firm understanding of how to create your own AI Behavior.




Creating Foliage and Trees UE4







UE4 Official Documentation.


Sub Cat. 1. Getting started in UE4 2. UE4 Editor Manual 3. Programming Guide 4. Samples and Tutorials.



Unreal Engine Four is now free see details below.






Unreal Engine 4 AI creation and pathing.

Version 4.8







Download UE4





Starting out with Unreal Engine 4.





These video Tutorials are great for the beginner.





Ark and Unreal Engine 4.


Ark Mod Tutorial


New UE4 Video Tutorials Just released 08/8/2015 They cover most creation subjects in UE4.



Zoombapup`s Unreal Engine 4`s Tutorials.




Unreal Engine Tutorial C++ Basics Part 1


Unreal Engine Tutorial C++ Basics Part 2


Unreal Engine Tutorial C++ Basics Part 3







I will add stuff to this as I find it. Or if an admin wants to add feel free guys.

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Good job compiling the links, mate.


Hell, there's a few I wasn't familiar with.


EDIT - Can we get a sticky for this? That way it would negate the repeated posts of new members on the subject.

Edited by DetCord

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HOW DO I? in U3E Most of this is still relevant in 4.



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Just a small update.


U4 more videos are coming on line re the new engine Rei Matsuo or Led found these they really are amazing, they show what can be done with lighting effects etc.


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Saw those and did some some research with the creator... He is using a lot of custom settings that are specific to the scene he is creating and some very high end Speedtree models. Its awesome stuff and works very well for one off Arch-Vis, but doesn't necessarily translate over to game environments.

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Yes I guess if you have all the bells and whistles you can do anything, but very nice work.

The change from UE3 to 4 was a good move, for Ground Branch.

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but doesn't necessarily translate over to game environments.


Why wouldn't it be possible to put this kind of stuff into a game environment? If it is possible, perhaps contact the creator and offer him a job once you get proper funding from the alpha release? or if you could do it by yourself which could save some $$$.

Edited by Jonathan

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Why wouldn't it be possible to put this kind of stuff into a game environment? If it is possible, perhaps contact the creator and offer him a job once you get proper funding from the alpha release? or if you could do it by yourself which could save some $$$.


If things were that simple.

Below is the forum and the discussion re this work, how it is done and how small the area being worked on is, I think the quality of the work is one the creator, but two he is working in a tight space so he can push the limits within that space try the same on a 400x400 map and your PC would die.


Some of the conversation between Koola and some other forum members.


`How are you handling the rain drops?

The rain drop are gpu particles with a refractive material.

On the ground it's a mix of small refractive particles and shader. For the ground rain shader it's a noise normal map (in a flip book) that affect the normal and the diffuse uv.


How are you getting such high video Output? I am trying to make videos of that quality but have no clue.

I export the video in 1080p/30 in avi with the video capture tool in matinee and encodes it in h264 with virtualdub.


What's the resolution of your lightmaps for models/brushes?

For exemple, on the "lights tubes" scene, there's a 512 on each wall and a 1024 for the entire floor and ceiling.


I have some questions regarding your color correction. Are you taking multiple ...

I stay really simple. One postprocess volume with a fix exposure, one lut (I'm not sure but I think I used the same on all scenes), and some color correction tweaks in engine.


I'm really struggling with trying to get good high quality textures with normal maps ...

Find a good diffuse, make a simple normal (mix of the diffuse, a quick mask and some random orientation) and mainly, try to have a nice roughness map (a black and white diffuse with some level adjustements).




To add I think a lot of us will be surprised of the quality of GB when we get our hands on it.

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Why wouldn't it be possible to put this kind of stuff into a game environment? If it is possible, perhaps contact the creator and offer him a job once you get proper funding from the alpha release? or if you could do it by yourself which could save some $$$.


Its not that it isn't possible its that a lot of things he does are not efficient enough to use in larger game worlds is all. As Colin pointed out, he makes very small focused and confined spaces that are purpose built for his needs. It's great stuff and I am pulling some of the usable ideas from his work and learning from them.

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Update today 12/07/2015 New video`s for the beginner just starting out in Unreal Engine 4.

Good videos

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Since Ark has it's own editor and so will Ground Branch, it would be great if I could import what I have already done (and maybe someone else too) from UE4 to GB editor. Of course GB editor is not out yet. Maybe someone has already tried importing from UE4 to Ark and has uploaded how to the net.

Right now I have a really bad connection and not too much time to spend online, so I can't really look it up myself.

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If you are building in UE4, and your version is the same (or earlier) than ours then you will just simply load it into the GB Editor. No importing needed.

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