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Hey guys,

Just want to let the devs know that there are still people out there who don't believe this game will make it out as I had a friend contact me about it the other day and he said he doubts the game will ever make it out. I told him otherwise, but me myself I don't believe it, I know for sure this game will make it out! I just think maybe BFS is doing something wrong like missing key words or key mind triggers in text. An example of this is look at "Gangnam Style" On Youtube here


it had just over 1 million views in a week and still going strong & now as it is it has.1,489,840,043 last time I checked. I think they have had so many views because they keyed into some things mentally with some people. This might sound ridiculous but I believe it and to back my theory up further I remember hearing about a Kijiji Ad on the news that had something over 4000 views or something in a week & it was just for a snow blower, Although I can't remember the exact number but it was good enough for Kijiji to actually contact the guy to see if it was a scam or legit and it was legit and I think what the poster did was put key word elements in the text to attract people by mind. I think maybe BFS should try and research some key words that people will naturally flock to. I would love to help with this if I could. This is just my honest opinion but I think BFS for GB will need a catchy tune of music for Groundbranch and show some awesome non commentary clips and put together a mash of realistic explosions that matches the beat of the music. Ghost Recon Future Soldier did this well in this ad.


And i do know some of these features I mentioned may cost some money but I think it would work out well in the end and BFS would get it all back + more & perhaps this is just an idea here but maybe have a KickStarter to produce a small movie as I explained above to get people more interested.


I am not trying to be negative here but I want to give some constructive criticism to help with this game and BFS as a whole.

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I think Gangnam Style is not the best example. You cannot force anything to go viral. There is no known mix of ingredients to go viral, and if you do know, you will be a millionaire tomorrow :) I'm not sure if I completely agree with Colin though. The right marketing can be a very good tool to get people interested, people are not used to look at rough products or alpha games I think. So it's safe to assume people, who might like it if they knew, might not bother to try an alpha demo. Marketing is really a valid tool to get your message across. Sure, it has been abused by a lot of game companies, but don't throw the baby out with the bathwater (is this also an English expression?!).

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We have read in the forums about a demo to push the product, for interest and for cash, this was forced on the guys by a failed KS. If you like plan B.


The demo when it does appear will have to sell the game along with any advertising. Good effective advertising costs millions, and I am sure BFS does not have that kind of money.


I feel there is a lot riding on any demo release to the public, this is why it is taking so long to get it done, but done right.

People said during the KS wheres the proof this game will do this and be that, no better way than to see and play, selling point.


People are not as stupid now than a few years ago re game makers claims, people are slowly looking for that extra something GB will be it.


A playable demo will be it.

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