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UDK indoor lighting trouble

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I recently reworked all my lighting to stop getting all the error messeges I got when I rebuilt. It all rebuilds fine now but I get this strange bug. The dynamic objects which are indoors and therefore not casting shadows are acting funny. UDK makes up a dark shadow for them, which comes from directly above the object. To make it even more strange, this made up shadow is seen through the cieling. Dynamic objects which get in the Dominant directional light's way cast a correct dynamic shadow. This shadow is not visible through walls or floors, blends in with the static shadows and has the correct direction.

Here's what happens:

The table is a static mesh and the two chairs are Kactors. You can see the made-up shadow.



If I move the chair outdoors you can see the real shadow from the Dominant directinal light and the made-up shadow as well.



As soon as i rebuild lighting, the chair which is outdoors lights correctly, while the indoor chair keeps making up a shadow.




Does anyone have any idea why this happens? I would appreciate some help, because I'm finding it really hard to keep working on my map before I sort this out...

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