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Hi all I have been modding terrains and objects for arma2/arma3 for the last 3 years with some good success on my best terrain Sangin i have (Hits: 60894) just off armaholic not including the other dl sites it was a steep learning curve which lead me to make 6 more terrains.


Terrain list


Abbottabad Pakistan 1km x 1km

Belfast northern Ireland 2 km x 2 km

Sangin summer Afghanistan 5 km x 5 km

Sangin winter Afghanistan 5 km x 5 km

Serria Leon Africa 10 km x 10 km

Stanta training ground uk 1 km x 1 km

Waziristan Pakistan 10 km x 10 km


I would like to get in to modding Udk terrains is it done similar with real satalite images dem and height and mask maps for ground textures also what would be size restrictions as my largest terrain is 10km x10km cheers for the info I have seen the mods section and will be reading all of it over the next few days just wanted a few quick answers


here is some of my work and older vids also my blogg


you tube vids would not embed check them here smokedog69691 youtube or search for sangin arma2 on YT

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Smokedog, just provide the YT link, one of us will embed for you.


Disclaimer: some of your choice of music may contain "adult explicit lyrics"....shhhh.gif

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