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Mod Plugin Suggestion

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This would be a handy feature to have. I remember when I played the original gr and I would have to do three things in order for a certain mod to work.


First step was to download a mod app and install it into the mods folder.


The second thing I had to do was open up the new app and activate the mod from it.


The third thing I had to do was I actually had to go into the game and activate it in the game itself.


A solution to this would be a simple plugin that accesses the mod ui externally without having to go into the actual game itself to activate or de-activate a mod.

It would work like this


<Download Plugin>

<Install Plugin & Extract to Appropriate Folder>

<Double Click on Plugin> from desktop, It will then open up the actual Game Mod ui screen without actually having to load the game up.



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UE4 has a very open and robust plugin system that we will really look into for way to support mods easily. I think there is a solution out there to make things pretty seamless.

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