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Cpl Ledanek

Adobe Flash Player is required...on Portable browser

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When using Portable Chrome 350.1916.153 version...I'm having problem with it, its loading really slow.


So now, I'm using ChromiumPortable 37.0.2062.3

When I'm the YouTube page, I can watch video fine.


If I'm the YouTube Thread in this forum, I get a pop-up asking Adobe Flash Player to be installed.


Problem. I'm at work and cannot install Flash.


Normally I drop in NPSWF32.dll in the Program it works.


So, not sure if, there's something I'm missing a file or some way to install without Admin Rights. Which I rather not. It can wait.



thanks for any ideas. meantime, I try other portable browsers on my USB thumbdrive


UPDATE: well that's convenient. Just found a newer version Portable Chrome 350.1985.125...problem fixed and seemingly faster browsing. Voodoo magic-man

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