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AutoHotKey script

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I tried to try, but I am unable to achieve any basic coding/scripting. So maybe someone has some hints?



I'd like an autohotkey script that does the following:


Right and left mouse buttons have their functions. When I hold down the right mouse button, it should have a third function, which causes the left mouse button to have a fourth action. In short LButton has function1, RButton function2, holding down RButton does function3, which makes using LButton having function4 (as long as RButton is held). Releasing RButton will return LButton/RButton to their default functions1/2.



I don't even know where to begin.

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what environment should the script be running in? desktop, some game?


EDIT: oh. sorry, I missed the "autohotkey" part. doesn't matter then. I remember using it for some games a while ago.


their tutorial has a simple example



so, starting with # (Win key) are the keys/buttons, and with :: - actions. you just have to find some reference material with all the keys and possible actions. in that example the script will trigger with pressing Win + Space

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