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just thanks !

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hi all, im new of this forum, but a long time player of INF since 2001.


i just wanted to say a huge T H A N K S for the simple thing of trying to create a game WITHOUT any form of artificial (and unrealistic) balance. seems so simple, but every other game out there is just corrupted by this, like insurgency, americas army and all the rest.


i keep reading things like " We don't balance weapons, remember " , and this is the exact reason why i belive this game will be the only and best tactical shooter out there. no classes, no balance, just realism.


keep with this good work, i can't wait for a realease, even an alpha, just something to play !


byee !

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Hello Guys,


I agree no balance for the majority. If there are deadly deployed snipers or a deadly grenade blast radius, then we have to deal with it. I am thinking sticking with realism solves it anyways, because there is often a couteract available for a soldier against powerful sniper for example, like a long longevity smoke.


Thanks for giving us a hope, and its UE4 :-)

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