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Huge fan of the series. Played q1,2 and years and years of Q3A and QL.



I played a few matches. The gameplay itself is good. Very reminiscent of Quake, so they hit that target. The rocket launcher has a delay when firing, which is definitely NOT how it is / was in q1,2 or 3a. Weapons and movement need to be snappy and instant.

Which brings me to the absolute downside of this game. Waiting and Matchmaking. It goes a little something like this:

  • Run QC, wait 40 seconds to get in the menu.
  • Matchmaking, wait 1 minute until it finds a match.
  • You are presented with a stage and players load in. 1 minute.
  • Map begins to load, 30 seconds.
  • Spawn in the map, warm up mode waiting for all other players to load. 30 seconds.
  • Countdown and some awful animation for your character as if we're all 7 years old. 10 seconds.
  • **Actual Gameplay.**

2 minutes later the amazingly low fraglimit is hit and you're thrown back to the main menu.

I could stand 3 bouts of that before i quit.

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Yeah, the loading time and matchmaking are a pain. Also, I think they overemphasized the cosmetic items.

And the Lightning Gun seems too powerful IMO, the shotgun is too weak at anything but point blank, and the swapping speed is too slow.

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