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Best Personal Defense Weapon(s)

Started by Grendel, Jan 31 2010 02:47 AM

#41 Witzbold


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Posted 25 March 2010 - 08:40 AM

Id have to say most def go with something that you are comfortable and confident with. Sounds like you found your match so far which is a good thing.  :thumbsup:

In regards to price as what Whisper says since it seems to be something you will be using as a CCW to protect your own life Id say take the limiter off that wallet. Since if its for something you can feel safe and confident with for whatever purpose it may be then there is no real price tag on that. My uncle who is a former LE officer now retired basically told me the same thing when we were having our usual discussions over various subjects.

For my own situation when I get back to the US I know the pistol I will be getting for a CCW will be most likely more expensive than others out there, but for how comfortable it is for myself along with liking all the features it has to offer Im more concerned with the whole hoop jumping for obtaining the CCW permit over than the price of said firearm itself.

Do wish you luck and really hope you will be able to purchase what you have your sights set on. :)


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Posted 25 March 2010 - 10:27 PM

The P30 (or P30L) is pretty much my dream gun.  My only issue with H&K (besides price), is that they're known to have failures with the slightest amount of dirt introduced to the platform.

That said: let's say I'm ready to pull the trigger on this gun (yuk yuk yuk).  What's a good online brokering service with respectable prices?  I'd love to grab one of these for $650-850, rather than MSRP.  New is preferred.
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Posted 26 March 2010 - 08:14 AM

I'm not sure if I sent you this link or not, but I know that you like research, so forgive me if you've been here, I'm almost positive that you can't put it through paces like he has, hopefully it puts some of your hesitation with the P30 to rest


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In my experience, CDNN Sports Inc. @ 800-588-9500 has been great, and have a selection the P30 listed in their catalog (Page 6), great to deal with, fair price, and service is excellent.

I'll keep looking around, and report back if I find something

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