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In Topic: What is with "Sci-Fi Weapon Syndrome" and how do we stop it?

Yesterday, 12:25 AM

Obviously I'm not talking about Unreal Tournament or Doom. I'm talking about games that are supposed to take place in our future, or at least based on our reality. Games like Star Citizen, Deus Ex, and games like that...

In Topic: Some new weapon renders

27 August 2015 - 09:26 PM

I like the Vortex flash hider you guys are using on the M14.

In Topic: What is with "Sci-Fi Weapon Syndrome" and how do we stop it?

26 August 2015 - 05:49 PM

View PostIck, on 26 August 2015 - 01:06 PM, said:

I will check that out.....

They spent somewhere around $300,000 just for research and development for the grip for that weapon. It actually feels quite nice in the hands, does seem like it was designed with the anatomy of the hand in mind.

In Topic: What is with "Sci-Fi Weapon Syndrome" and how do we stop it?

25 August 2015 - 02:47 PM

View PostIck, on 25 August 2015 - 12:35 PM, said:

Having shot quite a variety of pistols, this Beretta grips MUCH better than most everything else.  My most frequent complaint is poor grip when charging a weapon.  I won't miss the thumb safety either, as far as I am concerned the era of the thumb-safety can't die soon enough.  Give me the trigger safety all day long.  Good move Beretta... in the right direction.

If you care about the way the grip feels, give the S&W M&P a try...

In Topic: What is with "Sci-Fi Weapon Syndrome" and how do we stop it?

24 August 2015 - 08:00 PM

 AlohaSnackbar44, on 24 August 2015 - 01:27 AM, said:

The pistol grip + huge triggerguard setup is supposed emulate the looks of the bullpups like the AUG and Tavor. Definitely some of the more futuristic examples of real firearms.

In terms of ergonomics, most designs can give you aches just looking at them, but we have to keep in mind that most of the people who design these things probably don't use guns all that much, if at all. Also with aliens much less explanations are needed for that, not many people care about how those little green men is supposed to aim a gun. The roundness of most designs is likely because that's how cars evolved, going from boxy metal things like guns today, to more rounded things designed in wind tunnels. Obviously with a person who is not well versed in the usage of firearms, they will have to take other things as a source of inspiration, and we've all seen supercars before.

As for aiming, it again boils down to designer inexperience. Most people don't know how iron sights work, and they view red dots as "put dot over thing and shoot". A lot of sci-fi games also explains the sight system setting as a helmet HUD, negating the need for ergonomic sights on the guns.

I know what they are trying to emulate, add firearms like the P90, P2000, Kriss, etc. as well, but it's like they ALL have to be like that, and we know not all weapons follow that philosophy. I don't have an issue with some weapons having loops and finger holes and what-not, but my issue is that it seems that in sci-fi movies 100% of the weapons have to have them. And honestly, while the designers of those weapons thought they were a good idea, my philosophy of firearms is that simpler is better and I personally don't like any unnecessary loops or enclosures on my weapons. And I know I'm not alone and in the future I'm sure there would be plenty of firearm makers who believe in that as well. So I would like to see more of a mixture of having loops/enclosures and not having them and just having a standard pistol grip.

And personally I don't care what fancy sight or targeting system you have, there's never anything that would negate a standard iron sight. Because electronics fail, optics break, your HUD might malfunction, you might need to use a teammates weapon because yours break and now your HUD isn't calibrated for that weapon, etc... I know some of these things cannot happen in most video games, but the design should be made with those things in mind if we're supposed to believe that weapons might actually become that way in the future where the games take place.

 BTH, on 24 August 2015 - 12:30 PM, said:

You can also percieve designer inexperience in the fact that Sci-Fi weapons hardly ever have buttstocks adaptable in length.

Well, H&K suffers in that too. Their MP5N and G3 stocks only have fully extended and fully collapsed, lol. I had a friend who modified his MP5 to have other notches to use for when he's wearing body armor, and when he went to a H&K armorer's school, the guy teaching it lost his crap when he saw that my friend had modified the "perfect" design of H&K and chewed him out for it... My friend has stopped using anything H&K after that experience... I have followed suit.

 Flogger23m, on 24 August 2015 - 03:00 PM, said:

Ironically guns are more blocky these days. Most new pistols are blocky like Glocks, and most new rifles look squared like the SCAR or CZ 805.

Beretta went from this:

To this:

And finally to this:

ME looks similar to most sci fi games. Obscenely large pistols, odd shapes, ect.

IMO the weapons aren't that good in ME. They went from re-charging batteries to "thermal clips" galaxy wide in two years. No doubt the over heating mechanic looked uglier than a reload animation, but it made for poor consistency. And how the battery recharging guns (especially since ME2 dealt a lot with black market stuff) just disappeared annoyed me. They did shoehorn in a fixed battery rifle in the final ME3 DLC though. I know most people only cared about the characters, but the inconsistency and poor handling of the technological aspect in the 2nd game bothered me. ME2 is the most over rated game in the series, although I liked all three of them.

Man, that last Beretta is about the ugliest handgun I've seen in a while. Way too much going on. The original M9 was a nice design. But a bit too big, and I'm not a fan of the trigger that goes from double action to single action (I like a consistent experience through the shooting), not to mention when in double action, the pull is SUPER LONG, it feels like it takes forever before the shot goes off, lol. But it's a super accurate weapon if you've ever shot one.

And with the Mass Effect weapons, it looks like they went from more practical to more sci-fi between the pic you showed where EVERY weapon has loops/enclosures, while the one the other guy showed from the first one didn't do that.