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In Topic: Let's get this thing in gear

Yesterday, 08:01 AM

I hope they do the reload animations better in this than in ARMA.

What happened to animations we've seen so far? Like that kill house video you posted before? The animations look great in that. I actually hope you don't end up "fixing" it until it's broken, lol. :-P

I can't wait until a demo is released. Also, what happened with the rumors of a new kickstarter campaign? I pledged for the first one, would definitely again.

In Topic: VOIP in game or external program

16 March 2014 - 03:47 AM

I'm sorry if this was already mentioned, but what I've always imagined to be a cool way to implement in-game communication, especially for a game that's supposed to simulate reality, is to really do that. Meaning when you talk into the game, the sound actually comes out of your character's mouth. Meaning people around you will hear you. This would do several things, it will accurately simulate that situation where if you're trying to use stealth, and there's an enemy close to you, you cannot verbally transmit anything because then the enemy will hear you. Also, I would like so in-game sounds, as well as your voice, are transmitted through the radio when you're communicating through a radio. The purpose of this is so you can hear if your buddy is actually under fire, and would also simulate the difficulty in communicating sometimes if there's a lot of action happening. I think it will heighten the sense of chaos which could make for more exciting gameplay... So in that sense, there should be two types of communication keys. One for simply your character speaking, so only those around you can hear, and another that will do both, your character speaking, and the radio transmitting. In the latter both people around you and people you are transmitting to will hear you.

In Topic: A plan rarely survives first contact!

27 January 2014 - 11:22 PM

Hey, that's great news. I know I haven't been active enough in the forums lately to be selected to be part of the small group to test it, but I look forward to your public release. However, if you guys would consider it, I am very experienced in weapons and tactics in real life and I would give you guys 100% honest (good or bad) feedback about what I find if I get to try the game out. I also consider the old Redstorm Entertainment Rainbow Six games some of the best games ever made. Almost won a Rogue Spear online tournament once, lost in the quarter-finals to a cheater, while I wasn't able to prove he was cheating, I warned the guy playing him after me and he was able to prove he was cheating and got him disqualified, so I feel good that the cheater didn't win and that I probably helped the guy who ultimately won the tournament. Ah, Rogue Spear, good memories... :-)

In Topic: A new interface to go with the Oculus Rift?

16 June 2013 - 07:54 AM

View Postzoog, on 14 June 2013 - 03:21 AM, said:

I think it needs some heavy testing, but I like your idea with a button turning your body to the way you are looking at. However, I tested the Oculus Rift last weekend, and problems with orientation and movements making you dizzy is my main concern. There really are issues with your body suddenly going into a different direction and stuff like that. The guy I tested it with had played HL2 with it, and he was also unable to play for very long periods of time, because it was just too much, as perception and body senses were just out of sync. I'm definitely curious, once the OR has matured, how these kind of motion sickness issues are tackled.
Ah, I was kind of afraid of this. Motion sickness definitely kicks in when what we see doesn't match what we feel. However, it can be mitigated if the framerates are high enough. I'm guessing since it's not fully optimized that perhaps these games running in 3D might no be running at super high framerate. That can definitely make the whole motion sickness thing much worse... Even in 2D, if I play a fps game running at less than 20-30fps, I'll get sick after a while...

In Topic: A new interface to go with the Oculus Rift?

13 June 2013 - 08:02 PM

Hey guys, been a long time. Been very busy, but I just saw some articles about that abomination of a company Ubisoft making "Rainbow Six" games, lol, yeah, I guess they mean action run and gun shooter with a "tacticool" look to it... Anyway, I have a suggestion about the Oculus Rift. I understand the desire to be as different as possible or use the latest and greatest tech. But honestly, I think the BEST way to use the OR in a first-person shooter is a combination of the headset and using keyboard and mouse controls. Here's what I mean. You control your movements and aiming of the weapon using the keyboard and mouse. Meaning you still move your body with the mouse, so the weapon and body moves together. But you're always on free-look relative to your body using the Oculus Rift. The concept here is, let's say you're running down an alley, you pass an intersection you want to check for targets. Instead of stopping, and turning your whole body, you simply keep going in the same direction but you can turn your head to look. Now here's the part I think you guys will like. Let's say you turn your head and you actually see a target there, no need to try to move the mouse to meet where you're looking, simply hit the right mouse button, or whatever button you have set to aim down the sights, and your body and weapon will turn to meet where you're looking and you'll be aiming where you're looking... So while aiming down the sights, you still can free aim using the mouse, but it'll kind of snap to roughly the center of where you're looking so you can start to aim from there. I also say to limit the amount of double vision of your weapon, while aiming down the sights, only make that appear on one side, your "strong" side (which you can set from the settings) and MAYBE make the weapon translucent on the other eye so there isn't that problem of double sights while playing in 3D using the OR...Making it so that gestures will make you run and turn, it'll be similar to the limitations of the joystick on a console control pad. You're relying on the speed sensitivity setting, while in the way I described you have the free hand movements with the mouse and the free head movements with your head working together so everything is as snappy and fast as you move, just like in real life. Also, requiring someone to move around and put their hands out while playing is just asking for things to get knocked over... What do you guys think?