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View PostJeza, on 18 August 2014 - 01:48 PM, said:

Check again mate

You'll need this. What i did for both mods was install into a dummy folder then drag and test.
http://www.vmtfr.com...hield Map Pack

Install that first. (note some missions/maps may ctd there are a lot and they have actually taken some of the models from the original touched them up and given them new weaps)

If you want the updated textures for levels guns new ai behavior all total conversion thing then you'll need this. Install this second

Its just drag and drop at the end of the day should only take you a few mins.

From what I remember you just need to drop those into the directory? As there is things like textures and scripts ect which go into different folders into the directory, so if you drag and drop them into the main directory they'll all go into their respective folders.

I dragged and dropped pretty much everything in their respective folder.
I'm crawling thru each campaign now.

Except when I go to Custom Mission with the Space Shuttle I get this error.

Posted Image

not sure what I'm doing wrong.

btw, the flash bangs and flashlights are still amazing in this game...I'm still all jumpy and panicky when a grenade gets tossed towards me

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View PostJeza, on 18 August 2014 - 09:47 AM, said:

You want RVS 2.0 or not fussed? As some of the custom maps wont work like 747, but most do. If either way drop you map pack in first, its contents should override stuff. RVS 2.0 is second if indeed you want it, and I installed that into a dummy folder and dropped it in main r6 directory and all done.

well, I've already installed RVS 2.0
Installed the steam update
now, I'm moving those map pack (from dummy folder) into the map folder of the main RVS folder...here goes.....