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Yesterday, 08:23 PM

doing some dry-firing with my SIRT AR-Bolt with my cheap barricade
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check out my Tactical Urban Jammies
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Yesterday, 04:20 PM

View PostJeza, on 14 April 2014 - 09:38 AM, said:

Drunk at the wheel
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what's the story on this?

In Topic: LaRue vs Bravo Company M16

Yesterday, 02:43 PM


not good convincing wife that I need to take a 2-day carbine class.
even, my go-to guy where I buy ammo (former Marine armorer) said to just find a 1 day class to learn moving with my gears
I need to reacquaint on how to do drill shots and shooting and moving.

this non-dynamic shooting is boring as hell

In Topic: LaRue vs Bravo Company M16

Yesterday, 09:31 AM

Optic-barrel clearance was covered by Travis Haley in his Carbine DVD. Watch for where your barrel in relation to your optic, since its 2" higher. I caught myself a few times, going dry firing only to see that my barrel was actually pointing at the barrier vs the target. In live fire, that would have been an accident or worst.

Switching from right side/dominant side to my left/support dude throws a kink how I usually switch my safety lever, usually my thumb. On support/left side I'm force to use my left trigger finger, which of course, leaves the trigger causing me to fumble for the trigger when I engage.

I wonder how much for an armorer to replace/ ambidextrous switch?

Oh no, 5 minutes via YouTube instructions? Plus, exploration into switching grip? Oh no, my shopping cart is getting heavier.

In Topic: LaRue vs Bravo Company M16

Yesterday, 09:16 AM

Great reading Ick

Yup, forgot to mention that I'm heading on that bifocal road too.
Last night, after I semi-finished that soon-to-have-holes barrier, I discovered a few things.
- optic to barrel clearance.  
- transition from looking at barrier -to-red dot-target  causes all kinds of optical illusion.
- switching different sides of barrier, plays a lot on your safety switch... learned here: need to get ambidextrous safety switch.