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In Topic: Switching To Windows 10 And Games On It...

Today, 08:39 AM

Yes maybe I`m going to have a better look tomorrow.

In Topic: Switching To Windows 10 And Games On It...

Today, 05:36 AM

No. GR1 has a continuous flashing as you start and the same in game no idea what.

Arma 3 I get disk write error and it wont install, but steam has hundreds of complaints about disk write errors with many different games.

Makes me wonder about steam for Ground Branch, I hope we won`t rely 100% on steam to play the final product.

In Topic: Some new weapon renders

Today, 04:36 AM

Your looking at it.

In Topic: Finally Made the move to Developer

Yesterday, 06:05 AM

Posted Image Posted Image  Well done mate.

In Topic: You know when it just isn't your day?

Yesterday, 05:58 AM

Posted Image  Beard and face.

I guess having an AI guy is a big bonus working on it or not.
When we asked about AI a couple of years ago, money was mentioned or the lack of it and getting a person skilled enough was another one, I think most of us thought it would be a long time coming and it would be expensive.

But here we are in this thread.
Three dedicated guys with a dream is better than 20 well paid guys thinking about the next title.