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In Topic: Project Reality 1 standalone

29 November 2016 - 12:21 AM

View PostAbsoluteVirtue, on 28 November 2016 - 10:39 PM, said:

if it didn't have that stupid shooting mechanic with bullets not going where you're aiming I would play it daily

I never played PR but for BF2 in general the cone fire mechanism was by in large my biggest gripe about that game.

In Topic: PC keeps rebooting

22 November 2016 - 01:59 PM

View Postbrabbeldas83, on 22 November 2016 - 12:19 PM, said:

Thanks for the help. :) I'm afraid it will turn out to be the PSU, and that seems like the most difficult part to replace for me. I've never really done any PC building, except clicking in some extra RAM. And I have no spare parts,

And I have never flashed my BIOS. I did try a Windows rollback (not a complete one) back when the problem was only just turning up and not nearly as bad as it is now. That only helped for a day or so. Aso it is maybe worth mentioning that turning off the PC for half an hour seems to help for a while, and the more consecutive crashes the faster the crashes will occur. Yesterday I tried to at least shut down the PC the proper way and even that took many times at one point. If i managed to get to Windows many times it would crash whenever I pressed the Windows icon.

If it turns out to be the PSU it's super easy to change. If you can use a screw driver and are able to plug in a toaster you'll be able to switch the PSU. But try the above as well to see if it's the memory.

You can even try searching for Parkdale to test your SSD to see if the storage device is cutting out. Not sure what generation your SSD is by my first gen OCZ had some issues where it would just restart.

In Topic: PC keeps rebooting

22 November 2016 - 01:47 AM

Most search results point in the PSU direction so I would try that first. That's one of the cheapest things to change if it's faulty hardware. As for not being all that comfortable with taking stuff out I wouldn't worry too much. Computers are a lot more durable than people portray. I mean don't use a hammer but if you're not forcing it you're damaging it.

As for a thorough volt by volt, ohm by ohm diagnostic, I'm not sure how to help there. You'd need a real technician for that. I just go straight to swapping parts but I suppose I always have all the extra parts laying around from previous machines just in case something starts acting up.

The change from AMI to Gigabyte BIOS screen sounds odd unless you flashed your BIOS with a newer version.

In Topic: Name one thing (not people) you hate.

14 November 2016 - 10:55 PM

Speed matchers. Yeah it's people. I don't care. People are generally the worst.

If you're on the highway (freeway, interstate, etc) and there are three lanes, must everyone in each lane drive beside one another at the exact same speed?





In Topic: Battlefield 1

07 November 2016 - 02:45 PM

View PostFlogger23m, on 07 November 2016 - 12:59 AM, said:

No experience outside of the beta, but the BF1 server browser was a joke. Battlelog was actually wonderful. The options and interface were superb. And I liked how waiting for a server would not be running the game, which made doing other things easier while you waited. At first I hated it to, but now I thing its wonderful.

Wonderful or not I literally was unable to play the game when they used Battlelog. So I'm okay with them getting rid of it.