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Germany German police officers are using chainmail

25 September 2016 - 10:53 AM

Allegedly to protect from stab attacks from refugees.

Retro chic always comes back.

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Server Browser Window in the Forum

23 September 2016 - 10:52 AM

We have about 23 people on the site now. Imagine we could see a window in the forum that shows the active servers and whether players are on it. Chances to have more people playing would increase (that way bug testing, etc). Feasible?

Robot voice

19 September 2016 - 02:41 PM

Any one remember Takedown Red Sabre when it had the Unreal chat to voice accidentally activated in the game? It was hilarious, but it was also awesome to type in the chat "clear" and it would actually say it. Imagine you could set up chat messages, like in Infiltration where upon a key press it sends a chat message, that with the voice feature would be spoken.

Using the Unreal robot voice is maybe not great, maybe it can be changed somehow? In any case it would be cool if we could somehow activate it and try it.

World explained

04 August 2016 - 09:35 AM

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03 August 2016 - 06:08 PM

I think it would be good to have a main thread where people can propose their preferred control schemes, no matter whether movement or weapons, so that maybe Kris can compare them and find a middle ground for how controls can be customized, without being stuck in a single mindset that will always not work for some group (the way weapon controls do not work well for me right now).

Basically I think controls should be moved out of a hardcoded system of certain mind set, but instead work like bricks, that can be laid on top of eachother, which I think is easy, but defining the grout would be the challenge (how things interact, what comes first and after, etc). So each stance, weapon position and movement are separate things and you could define how to switch to them (toggle key, hold key, double tap, scroll up/down), but part of it would be how it also behaves after the action was done. As with my weapon controls suggestion, I'd like to set how I want to toggle between what weapon postures and if I hold key to aim, what would happen if I release it.

BTH mentioned groups to me, so that he can put stuff into, say, two groups that he toggles between with a preferred key, and set how to toggle between the things inside the group. He should elaborate further on his idea himself, but I think the group system is the more plausible system to be able to customize different control schemes:

Group 1: low-ready [1]*, high-ready [2]*, carry [3]*
Group 2: ready [1]
Group 3: aim [1]
Group 4: primary sight [1], secondary sight [2], third sight [3]
Group 5: carry [3]

*[1] is higher priority, within the group it is the default. [2] is secondary, etc

Key 1 (toggle) = toggles through Group 1 ([1], [2], [3])
Key 2 (hold) = Group 1 item [1] is default by default, the on hold function can only be [2]. Important is to set what happens on release, because you can have it so it goes to [3] on release. Another tap of that key resets the group to [1]
Key 3 (toggle) = toggles between Group 1 and Group 2
Key 4 (hold) + Key 5 (toggle) / or wheel* or what you will = toggles Group 4, releasing Key 4 remembers the setting

*Wheel can be either up, down, click, or actual scrolling, so scrolling can let you toggle back and forth the group

I can imagine that you have the groups as horizontal fields and you drag and drop functions there, define which keys and properties affect them. A fully customizable system like this would take any possible customization into account while being a single neutral base for it, without any hardcoded limitations.

This would basically allow you to do something very simple, like having only two keys; first key for toggling between two groups and second key for toggling through both the groups (the one currently active, so one at a time of course), or something more complicated, like the way I'd like it, where you toggle with a key between two groups and switch to a third group on hold (plus defining to what group you return on release) and having the scroll wheel go through each group (which is currently active, so different sights if I hold aim, or different weapon stances if not aiming).

Sounds feasible? Thoughts and suggestions welcome, of course.