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28 October 2009 - 11:00 AM

** Prepares to be burned at the stake **

i actually think this is a ballsy move by IW. and i commend them for it.

ive always wanted to see a game that pushes the envelope, a game that shows a different side of war that is rarely ever seen in games or movies.

i wanted to play a game that has missions with similar circumstances as seen in Clear and Present Danger. you remember, Ding Chavez and his team of CIA Black Ops literally disintegrate women and children into vapor using a laser guided missile?

the reason for this is not to glorify or show how enjoyable it is to kill defenseless civilians, but rather, just like in C&PD, it shows the true nature of war. and in this case (and possibly similar in the case of MW2) this type of war is totally unconventional. it is an "illegal" operation to begin with.

i dont know the context of the MW2 scene, and i dont think any of us do, but i seriously doubt that killing civilians in the game is meant to be enjoyed. its not like youre going to get an achievement for it. if anything it is likely meant to drive a point, and by playing it in first person, it is meant to have a greater impact.

whats the point you say? the point is, war has evolved into a horrific beast. its no longer about "this country" vs "that country", and our army stand here behind this line, your army stands behind that line, and we face off. war isnt even fought country vs country anymore. there is no army vs army. this new kind of war has a whole different set of "rules" (or lack thereof).

so yes, i think it is better that the game forces your hand in doing the actual killing, just as this CIA operative's hand was also forced in order to not blow his cover. Im sure the CIA guy didnt feel happy about it at all, and neither should you (at least, that is the intended effect the scene is supposed to portray, i assume)

kudos IW, for showing us a game that portrays the next evolutionary step in modern warfare.

just had to get that off my chest.

sorry for the interruption, you can resume your witch hunt now.