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OR6 gold + RS platinum

18 July 2009 - 11:52 PM

Anyone know if OR6 gold edition and RS platinum edition are still around anywhere? digital or hard copy dont matter. preferrably hard copy.

Experiment: ACOG 4x - Bindon Aiming Concept

06 June 2009 - 02:26 AM

let me know what you guys think of this acog view. i was trying to replicate binocular aiming/BAC. the idea is that during fast panning movements the magnified image in the scope washes out so your brain "looks" more out of the non-aiming eye (hence the increased transparency) but the illuminated dot is still bright enough to register and superimpose in the brain.

ACOG experiment (give it a while to fully load)

NORG vs REALISM - debate

11 April 2009 - 09:29 PM

i was having a discussion with a friend about the NORG concept vs REALISM. i said the 2 are not the same thing. he believes that NORG can only be applied to games based on realism.

i even mentioned that NORG can be applied to space alien games. his face went blank in disbelief.

maybe its just me and im completely missing the concept behind NORG, but i interpreted this doctrine as Natural Order of REALSTIC gameplay. not Natural Order of REALISM.

here is my arguement:

NORG is a concept that can even be applied to alien space shooters. "why? space shooters arent realistic"... Really? says who? Were you on that very same alien planet to have such an expert opinion on its physics?

here is the idea. On planet Zebex417 the gravity is exactly 33% that of Earth. the atmosphere, nitrogen/oxygen/carbon content, and everything is pretty much the same. Therefore, human Space Marines on this planet can actually jump a lot higher and "moon walk" with the lesser gravity. That is actually realistic. Its just not realistic ON EARTH.

Regenerating health on space suits - Your Nanoforce XP10 armor has a forcefield that can withstand a few Proton Laser beams before disintegrating (similar to how really thick plate of bulletproof glass can stop a few bullets before shattering), then it must wait a second or two before your battery can regenerate a new forcefield (but if you are hit with a plasma beam without forcefield protection you die instantly because human flesh is weak against such a blast). This is realistic because that technology exists in the year 3045 on planet Zebex417. That is realistic. its just not realistic ON EARTH in 2009.

so does that make "Zebex Super Space Marines" a NORG game? yes it does IMO, as long as all of the other gameplay elements fit into the physics of this alien world. I.E super space jump is possible on this planet with your equipment and the lesser gravity, but your character is still human and will still fatigue and die like a human would.

now lets look at Zebex Super Space Marines with en entirely different skin. the game is reskinned and called Hall of Honor 4. The game is based on modern combat (on earth set in 2020). all characters are operating on planet Earth and are using conventional firearms (fires bullets not lasers). they also have human organs with skin, soft tissue and blood. the gameplay of HOH4 is identical to that of ZSSM. the only difference is a slightly less exaggerated jump, less of a "forcefield recover" (but still regenerating health). you even still have the same fatiguing model of ZSSM. so, the gameplay is essentially IDENTICAL to the NORG game ZSSM. so, that said is HOH4 NORG? no it isnt. because the gameplay of ZSSM was designed for an alien planet and then "shoehorned" into planet Earth. the physics on one planet do not apply to that of the other.

ok, so now imagine a new HOH5 was redesigned to closely mimic Human-to-Earth physics relationships, and now all things act as they should. The game still retains the fast paced action of HOH4 though, and even still has infinite respawn game modes. you can still jump, crawl, shoot, run, drive vehicles, run people over, etc. but all of those things have a realistic penalty as it would exist in our natural world.

However, the game is set in the near future and although most of the weaponry is conventional firearms, there are fictional weapons in the game. they added a new gun called the Px9R - a compact assault rifle chambered in 5.56x45mm with a 12" barrel. does the inclusion of this gun automatically disqualify it from being NORG simply because it introduces a gun that doesnt exist in real life? no it doesnt IMO, because the gun still behaves the same way any 5.56 12" barreled rifle would. that is still realISTIC, even though it is not based on realISM.

they have Auto-Mines™ in HOH5. These are like infrared sensor claymores but they do not kill friendlies. is that NORG? it CAN be. "how? 'smart' claymores like in COD4 are so unrealistic". well, for one they are NOT claymores. they are advanced antipersonnel mines. this is how it works: imagine a public Wi-Fi network at an internet cafe. now anyone with a wi-fi laptop can connect to this public network but only those who paid can surf the net on it. how does that work? in this instance the wi-fi network must be able to recognize your computer ID, and if your ID number is on the "approved list" it will allow you access to the internet. now take that "wireless" concept and apply it to this game. every soldier is fitted with an "ID number" in the form of a short range wireless transmitter (the range is just slightly larger than that of the mine's blast radius). The AP mine has a wireless receiver with a programmed set of "ID numbers" of soldiers designated as friendly. as long as a soldier with a "friendly ID number" is detected by the AP mine, it will not detonate.

so, in game here is how it works. Solder 1 plants his AP mine near a door and walks away. Soldier 2 camps next to it oblivious that it is even there. Enemy 1 walks through the door, directly in the immediate sensor radius of the AP mine... but it doesnt go off (the proximity of the "friendly" near the AP mine has disabled it) Enemy 1 proceeds to kill Soldier 2, and shoots soldier 1 in the back of the head (he's thinking ######, my mine didnt even go off). NORG. as opposed to the un-NORG claymore in COD4 which is a highly unrealistic "selective kill" mine that will only kill enemies and not friendlies in its blast radius, which of course is physically impossible.

so, the above Zebex Space Marines and Hall of Honor 5 are 2 examples of so called "arcade" games that have no concept of REALISM, yet abide by the concepts of NORG. the game's style may not be for you, but it was still designed with NORG regardless. NORG can be applied to every genre of game out there.

of course thats just my opinion, and my friend strongly disagrees, stating it is impossible for a game that is not based on realism to be NORG in the first place.

so i ask you, the BFS community, do agree or disagree that NORG =/= REALISM.