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28 October 2014 - 02:23 PM

80 to 500 meters is still short range compared to what you get in Takistan. In Takistan it's more like 500-1000m or even more, and rarely below 400m unless the enemy is strictly hiding in buildings waiting for you to walk in. The "open ground" in Takistan is just way too "open". Many places in Altis have the same problem, sure, but not as much as in Takistan. An entire hill with just a simple curve shape and 3 rocks just don't result in very realistic nor enjoyable combat.

In Topic: ArmA3 announced...

28 October 2014 - 11:24 AM

It does sound differently, though I'm not the biggest fan of how JSRS do it.

In Topic: ArmA3 announced...

28 October 2014 - 03:56 AM

IMO: Takistan has a better atmosphere, but Altis provides better gameplay. I've tried playing Arma 3 on Takistan and it just wasn't as good as playing on Altis (gameplay-wise). The engagement ranges are much closer to RL situations on Altis - Takistan is just way too "open", even though it is a significant step-up from Chernarus.

When using PWS to update mods, make sure to redirect the sync folder off the SSD, as it's not needed for the game (it's only used for PWS fast delta-patching process).

New DTAS video:

UAV usage in DTAS:

In Topic: ArmA3 announced...

27 October 2014 - 10:36 AM

Unlike Arma 2, Arma 3 does work pretty well without mods, but it definitely still requires proper game modes (missions, automatically downloaded when you join a server and usually weight less than 1MB). The weapon sway is a huge step up from A2 and actually the best of all games I've seen so far. Gun sway only gets ridiculous after you try to abuse the ridiculous soldier running speed (you run ridiculously fast, but then get ridiculously tired, instead of not being able to run that fast in the first place). Again, way better than what other games and previous Arma games have.

While there is a LOT to improve, I find Arma 3 to be quite playable when playing proper custom-made missions, and unless you have outright teamkillers that do nothing but try to ruin your fun, it's pretty enjoyable.

In Topic: Graphical Advantage?

26 October 2014 - 05:06 PM

Simulator-type games don't have these kinds of issues as they try to represent accurate simulation and that implies not depending on the frame rate (or at least greatly minimizing the effect of the computer speed on the simulation results). Therefore, the only thing limited by FPS in a "proper" game is how often you can send input and read output from the game. With 60 FPS, the maximum you can "miss" is by 16.7ms, which is nothing when you consider your reaction times and ping in a multiplayer game, plus "proper" game mechanics that don't live or die by the milisecond.

A realistic automatic weapon with even 1000 RPM will fire 16.7 rounds per second, so every 3.6 frames on average with 60 FPS, and therefore should not have its rate of fire affected in a noticeable fashion by your frame rate even without the game trying to work around the problem (as long as it's not using some strange flawed design to begin with).

But overall, yeah, frame rate can cause a lot of game-design-related issues, just they're much more likely to happen in arcade-style games.