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In Topic: How to get a MP game to simulate a surprise attack?

28 February 2015 - 04:45 PM

You can't simulate a surprise attack in a game because both teams will know the rules and therefore will not be truly surprised. Artificial effects will just make it weird, not realistic.

Just stick with game modes that can be done in a game realistically, rather than try to force impossible ones onto the game.

In Topic: ArmA3 announced...

28 February 2015 - 04:35 PM

Tactical Battlefield gameplay:


In Topic: What kind of lighting can we expect?

26 February 2015 - 04:37 PM

I once killed someone in Arma because of that :)

In Topic: ArmA3 announced...

24 February 2015 - 08:23 AM

New DTAS Video from last Saturday's event:

In Topic: ArmA3 announced...

22 February 2015 - 11:27 AM

I don't think A3 has significantly less content than A2. It doesn't have as many vehicles/units/weapons, but it's really not much less.

In terms of playable stuff, both A2 and A3 are pretty horrible and you have to resort to user-made content to actually play something, and on that aspect I find the Arma 3 stuff superior.