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Magicka: Wizard Wars

15 October 2013 - 02:04 PM


My time is short, so I'll keep it brief and let you guys add the details:

In this game you play wizards who have a very cool spell casting system where you can combine different elements to create cool spell effects. The original Magicka game was an extremely fun concept, but unfortunately was not too balanced which made certain spells/strategies dominate in both COOP and PvP.

The new game is supposed to fix all these balance issues with a big focus on PvP. I can't tell whether they'll actually succeed to get it right or not, but if they do, this will definitely make it into one of my all time favorites (though I do have a "fetish" for balance). I really hope this lives up to the expectations.

Keep in mind that it's an indie, so while the graphics and effects are still pretty damn nice, don't expect cryengine style effects Posted Image

A game I'm working on

28 December 2012 - 06:36 AM

I've been working on my very first game for the last month or so, and would like to receive some feedback about it.

Graphics is mostly non-existent/placeholder, but gameplay should be working.

Some of what I'd like to test is how self-explanatory the game is, so I'll keep description to a minimum, other than saying that this is a 2-player game on same machine (split screen) where you need to kill each other.

Download is available here and will be updated as the project progresses:





Who uses tracers?

05 August 2012 - 06:20 PM

Following this discussion on the Project Reality forum:

And apparently a recent rule they made on their server to not use the non-tracer rounds because they are only in the game because they forgot to disable them..

Therefore I was wondering how many regular infantry actually load tracers into their regular magazines. I know in IDF the standard for rifles is 6 normal magazines (no tracers) and 1 all-tracer magazine, while LMGs (5.56) had 1/10 tracers (also often manually removed by the gunner). MMGs (7.62) had 1/5 tracers. HMGs (0.5") had 1/3 or 1/4 (don't remember exactly).

Does anyone have any concrete information about how US army/USMC/British Army/other 5.56 users actually load tracers into their magazines, in a 1/3 or any other ratio? And where it is actually a standard, do everyone actually go with it rather than take the tracers out? I just find it very weird that using 1/3 tracers in normal rifles is such a wide-spread standard (that I've just happened never seen any evidence for myself), and that those who serve in an army with such a standard don't go out of their way to re-load their magazines with 0 tracers.

If they end up forcing use of tracers in PR I will seriously consider shooting every 2rd round into the ground to avoid detection. I just can't believe people actually choose to use tracers as part of their regular ammo, as the disadvantages are so great compared to the advantages.

Note that the purpose of this thread isn't about how effective/ineffective tracers are, I'm sure we all know their advantages and disadvantages, but I was rather interested in who actually ends up loading them and going into combat with all his magazines having some sort of 1/X tracer load.

Thanks for any info!

Main page of blackfootstudios.com

22 August 2011 - 03:30 PM

Since I put blackfootstudios.com in my signatures all over a long time ago, I've had several times where people would ask me "so what is this Blackfoot Studios?" and unfortunately when I tell them to just look at blackfootstudios.com they come back to me after 5 minutes and ask me "so what is this Blackfoot Studios?"

Therefore, I think the main page could be a bit more self-explanatory so new people who have no idea what BFS is or trying to do will actually understand what Blackfoot Studios is when they come in, and then maybe even stay and read around. Nothing special is really needed IMO, just some short answer to the commonly asked question to show up on the main page. After all, I'm sure John can answer that question a lot better than I can :)