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Yesterday, 05:34 PM

same here.

I really wonder how much Ridley Scott had to do with that movie. He was 75 at the time(?). How can you go from Alien (1979), Blade Runner (1982), Thelma & Louise (1991), Gladiator (2000) and that pos(Prometheus)?

Any pertinent data available concerning his state of finances prior to making Prometheus (2009 - 1012)? Was he broke?


Ridley Scott was married to Felicity Heywood from 1964 to 1975. The couple had two sons, Jake and Luke, both of whom work as directors on Scott's production company, Ridley Scott Associates. Scott later married advertising executive Sandy Watson in 1979, with whom he had a daughter, Jordan Scott, and divorced in 1989.[41][42] His current partner is the actress Giannina Facio, whom he has cast in all his films since White Squall except American Gangster."[43] He divides his time between homes in London, France and Los Angeles.
sounds expensive all this.


On 31 July 2009, news surfaced of a two-part prequel to Alien[21] with Scott attached to direct.[22] The project, ultimately reduced to a single film called Prometheus, which Scott described as sharing "strands of Alien's DNA" while not being a direct prequel, was released in June 2012. The film received mostly positive reviews and grossed $403 million at the box office.

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Yesterday, 03:43 PM

probly the most disappointing film, considering the expectations. The expectations were our problem, not theirs, but I really wonder what they were thinking.

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18 April 2014 - 07:19 PM

I like to believe that it was a case of 'a film within a film'. Like Stanley Kubrick The Shining, explained in a Jay Weidner film: Kubrick's Odyssey - Secrets Hidden in the Films of Stanley Kubrick (2011). -OR- the film got butchered by 20th Century Fox to fit the two hours format.

If not than, yes it was bad.

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18 April 2014 - 06:01 PM

"technology" includes clothing, tools and housing. I'm not referring to computers and cell phones etc. I think to believe that humans can live in the wild, with no technology, is a serious misunderstanding of who we are. Did you ever go camping Psychomorph? Notice that animals, on the other hand, do not even carry a small bag with them. Not the same. As in: One lives with the environment, the other must modify it just to exist. Humans cannot exist without technology.

The person I exchanged with during a BBQ was answering my question when I asked "do you think there is something strange about human DNA?" "yes, there is something strange about our DNA". "but I only deal with humans so I have nothing to compare it to, to confirm it." or something like that. That was the extent of it.

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18 April 2014 - 03:43 PM

from wiki... "plethora (plural plethoras)
(usually followed by of) An excessive amount or number; an abundance.
Thanks I just learned a new word.

Out of the plethora of animal species, we are the only one dependent on technology to exist. All animal species are unique, but all share some similarities, enough so that we can categorize them. We(humans) do not even qualify as an 'animal specie'. An 'animal specie'(for me) is a living entity that has everything it need from birth to live on its planet. We don't. Don't you find that abit odd?

When I look at flight(animals that can fly), I find it very special. I do no however ask myself ten thousand questions about it, because I can see that there are many others that have 'chosen' this path of evolution. Secondly I can see fossil record allowing me to understand how they came to be that way. When it come to modern humans, I cannot do either.

I will not get into the DNA aspect of it, as I do not fully understand it myself and therefore could not explain it in a satisfactory manner, but something is going on there too. There is however information on the web about our DNA and, I exchanged with someone recently that works with "genome" and human DNA. He told me that "yes, there is something strange about our DNA".

For some of us, things are not 100% clear as to who we are. What is clear to me, is that we make good workers and probly the best in the 'biological weapon' category.