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In Topic: Is this thread broken?

Today, 01:26 PM

I can view it when not logged in. It just times out when logged in for some reason.

In Topic: Rainbow Six: Siege (PC/XB1/PS4)

Yesterday, 09:02 PM

View PostShadowgate, on 30 March 2015 - 03:49 PM, said:

I eat my words hopefully you post on reddit very good stuff.Play the beta fill out the survey.

I am sure in beta you can't spray and pray hard aim will always win at any kind of range.CQs hip fire is probably ok.


In Topic: Rainbow Six: Siege (PC/XB1/PS4)

Yesterday, 06:50 PM

View PostJsonedecker, on 30 March 2015 - 03:23 PM, said:

I would say this is more likely the impetus for where it looks to me like they are coming from. CS meets R6.... which is just weird seeing as how CS was born from a love of R6.  Posted Image


View PostStrykerE92, on 30 March 2015 - 05:59 PM, said:

I would argue that the hit indicators are sort of necessary because it is an abstraction of feeling where you are hit. I agree with you on all other points.

Don't get me wrong, I have no issues with mechanics that I previously described. They work in games like BF, CoD etc. Hell, I play BF4 almost exclusively now. I simply take issue when they're applied to R6 and under the repeated commentary from Ubi in the guise of "...it's a tactical/realistic shooter. We promise." Which it obviously isn't. Like at all.

In Topic: Rainbow Six: Siege (PC/XB1/PS4)

Yesterday, 03:28 PM

View PostShadowgate, on 30 March 2015 - 03:03 PM, said:

Nothing casual about that game play.Unrealistic yes casual nope.Round based has never been aimed at casual players.

Only thing that bothers me is the outline and the game telling you how many are left.

It's absolutely casual, and I don't think casual means what you think it means in terms of definitive definition. The mechanics are the epitome hand holding. it makes the game very easy to play and therefore, intellectually unsatisfying.
  • Why equip a grenade in your hand and risk getting shoot in the process, if you can just push a "quick throw" grenade button?
  • Why use iron sights and aim down them, if you have a big crosshair and a arcade center screen firing mechanic when you can just spray and pray?
  • Why conserve ammo and watch your fire, if you have a magazine ammo system telling you to reload?
  • Why use your eyes and ears to see/hear where you being shoot at, if a arrow shows you the direction of the bad guy?
  • Why use your eyes to confirm a kill, if you have a big pop-up to show you that you got a headshot, 100 points, +XP, a ribbon, two medals and 500 +XP for just being awesome.
So, from the Live Stream:
  • 3D HUD icons floating everywhere
  • Skull/kill icons
  • Giant cluttered HUD
  • Floating points and +XP pop-ups
  • Giant crosshair
  • Vapor trails for rounds/bullets
  • A kill feed
  • Big hitmarkers
  • Friendlies highlighted through walls
  • Grenade icons
  • A quick grenade system
  • Stance position icon
  • Hit indicators
  • A reload warning icon
  • Ammo pool system
  • Super fast ADS
  • And many, many more.
That's about as casual as it gets...

In Topic: Rainbow Six: Siege (PC/XB1/PS4)

Yesterday, 02:56 PM

View PostAST_Raptor, on 30 March 2015 - 02:44 PM, said:

Ofc they are not. The game is aimed at 14 years old COD-junkies. Fast action, cool effects and fancy graphics are what matters. No one cares for realism or details.

It's certainly aimed at the CoD, casual type crowd. It looks like they're going overboard at attempting to capture some of the CS Market Share.