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View PostNutlink, on 30 November 2015 - 07:08 PM, said:

Having started with R6 back in '99 (I was a bit late to the party) I fell in love with the series.  This isn't anything like that, but then again we haven't had anything remotely close to a traditional Tom Clancy title since GRAW 2 in 2007 (and even that was a pretty big departure).  If you expect anything else this late in the series then you're a fool.  Despite using the TC name here the game is actually quite a bit of fun.  I like it for what it is, and I never thought I'd say that.  I didn't care for Vegas, Future Soldier, or the more recent Splinter Cell titles, but this is actually fun.  Of course that's just my opinion.  It's not perfect, but neither were Rogue Spear/OGR.

Not according to half the people around here.  If it's not 100% realistic they tear it apart.  This forum used to be relatively interesting even without talking about GB/SG when it first started up almost 9 years ago thanks to people being somewhat interested in other genres.  Part of the reason I stopped coming to this forum over the last couple of years and just get my GB info elsewhere is because it seems like this forum is filled with butthurt angry old people who can't handle anything outside of the one or two games they enjoyed over a decade ago and refuse to give anything else a chance.

Back in another month.

You know me. Hell, we play the same games regardless of the title associated with memorable days gone by, nostalgia and all that. However, Siege is just a mediocre game IMHO. It's not spectacular or stellar, it's just kinda meh...something you'd find on a discount rack back in the day nudged inbetween old CoD's and budget titles like WWII Iwo Jima. I think what most people are upset about were the repeated statements that Ubi was going back to their roots. That's clearly not the case here, and that was evident to anyone that played it in the Closed Alpha or Beta like myself.

As I said previously though, judging it on it's own outside of the R6 franchise, it's just not very good.

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Now that's a old game!

Got front-paged (80k views and climbing) at RPS, PCMR and a few others.

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29 November 2015 - 10:51 AM

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24 November 2015 - 06:19 PM

That RPG skip at 1:02 was mad realistic though. I have helmet cam footage from my last deployment of the exact same thing as it skipped off the ground and into the vehicle in front of us.

I might go see this.