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Current Operator Edition Build Updated

Today, 07:15 AM

We have been consistently updating the Operator Edition build and only posting in the private area for those that have purchased. But we are now going to post those updates here so that everyone can see the progress being made.

And you can always purchase the Operator Edition and participate in the fun!  http://www.groundbranch.com/store

Epsilon - Serellan

Yesterday, 01:06 PM

Since no one has made a thread about it I thought I would :)


For whatever you feel about Takedown, I gotta give Christian and his team props for giving it another go. In life, when we get knocked down we have 2 choices; Stay down or get back up and start fighting.

Don't know much about the gameplay, but I think they actually came up with a pretty unique and interesting visual style as well as design elements that could make for a compelling game if they can land it in a soft spot between COD, Splinter Cell, Insurgency, BF and others.

They certainly need to earn user's trust back though... as anyone that took it on the chin with a previous title would.

Progress update

15 June 2015 - 11:09 PM

We have been pretty busy since launching our Tech Preview and opening the groundbranch.com store just over a month ago so its a good time to give an update on where things are at.

The biggest news is Ground Branch is playable with a simple multi-player deathmatch game mode(more modes coming soon) using a dedicated server, direct ip connect or over a LAN! We have implemented our first pass of the Server Browser using Steam for our online connectivity and we already have plenty of current Operator Edition users hopping on 24/7 dedicated servers and having a good time. Videos of play sessions are coming soon.

If you want to join in the fun and see  how Ground Branch is shaping up, all while helping to fund this awesome project, then hit the store and buy into the Operator Edition and get access right away!


Its still early and multiplayer is in its early days, but Operator Edition players are really enjoying themselves and fully embracing where Ground Branch is heading. Its a game where people find themselves just hanging out sometimes. Here are a couple forum comments that jumped out at us:

"We were just hanging in the ts, watching e3 coverage and walking on the map.
at some point we figured out we could launch each other by jumping into one another. so we worked on our technique for a while.
there were actually 8 and probably more people on the server at times.
again it was fun"  ~  MissVerstanden

"..... I had a blast. It is a bit like Arma, but smoother and less clunky and controls that make sense. The lean works better and more natural than I expected. You'll see me leaning on every corner." ~ Psychomorph


At BlackFoot Studios we pride ourselves in our community involvement and are getting valuable feedback from those that have downloaded the Tech Preview as well as those that purchased the Operator Edition. It's always great to see players do things in the game that weren't specifically thought of, but yet fully support and validate the core concept of what Ground Branch is all about...........

"so... i somehow killed myself by shooting my guy in the foot" ~ chicken_slayer

Something like shooting yourself in the foot doesn't usually happen in games, but its a realistic side effect of how Ground Branch is built. You better keep muzzle awareness and trigger discipline or something bad might happen!


Now to show the Early Access map #2 from the Trello board... Its a giant tanker ship! Lots of area to cover and a design that poses some unique tactical challenges is sure to test your skills.

Tanker_WIP_01 Tanker_WIP_02 Tanker_WIP_03

It is currently in the "blocking out" stage to define the overall space and is getting some decent playtesting time by our Operator Edition users. One of my favorite quotes from the forums:

"That tanker ship! That's exactly what we need for early access, good work. Looks wide and dense at the same time, can't wait for the interior compartments. RS tanker ship pales in comparison to it." ~ Psychomorph

So that's it for now. Things are moving along nicely so why don't you join in the Operator Edition fun!

-Team BFS

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My first IDPA match

13 June 2015 - 02:36 PM

I have been shooting off and on for years, but have never done any sort of scenario shooting other than failure type drills. Pretty much all lane shooting and maybe a 'been there done that guy' barking at me from behind.

So a friend convinced me to go do a local monthly IDPA sanctioned shoot today and figured might as well. I'll tell you what... I'm comfortable around guns, but once that buzzer goes off and you have to think about barriers and target sequences it all goes to shit fast. Posted Image Not to mention we had to have things concealed and I don't do a lot of that. So I had a tough time getting unholstered and mags out from under the shirt.

Anyway, it was a lot of fun and I ended up scoring 4th out of 8 Novices and 48th out of 60 combined overall. Not to bad for a first timer. Posted Image

Buddy took some lower res cell phone vids.


I got a penalty in the first vid for not doing the second set of targets in the proper order. Was supposed to be left to right and I did closest to farthest. There was a sneaky one at ground level between the barrels that you can't see.

Anyway, I'm definitely doing those again.

Ground Branch AI collaboration

02 June 2015 - 08:45 AM

As everyone knows, good AI is essential in a tactical shooter that includes Single Player and Coop modes. We have taken a big leap forward in achieving that goal for Ground Branch with the addition of Phil Carlisle (zoombapup on the forums). BlackFoot Studios will be collaborating on developing both a friendly and enemy AI solution for Ground Branch and Unreal Engine 4 in general. Phil brings a vast work history and knowledge and we look forward to working with him to bring the world of Ground Branch alive!
Phil Carlisle has been making games for more than 20 years. Initially as programmer on the multi-million selling Worms series of games for Team17. Then as an indie developer using a variety of engine technologies. During his time as an indie, he has written chapters in books such as the AI Wisdom series, the Game AI Pro series and has written and published academic work in a number of books and conference papers. He also served as CTO for a startup AI company focussed on emotional AI characters and user-centric AI programming tools called StoryBricks. More recently Phil has been contributing to the AI knowledge base for Epic's newly released Unreal Engine and has been finishing up his PhD work on Digital Actors. Phil's personal goal is to empower game designers to create believable characters by creating easily usable tools that drive more dynamic characters in much the same manner as a director drives an actor's performance.
Phil plans on charting his progress with forum posts and videos, so please check him out in the BFS forums!

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