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Roadmap posted

21 May 2015 - 04:54 AM

We have posted our Ground Branch Roadmap for getting to the Early Access release.


This is not a super detailed comprehensive statement of work, but should give you a nice overview of the items we are planning and working on for the official Early Access. We will also be adding/refining to it as needed.

T-Shirt order coming up

19 May 2015 - 11:14 AM

We are going to be placing the first T-Shirt order this Friday so help support Ground Branch by ordering a shirt or two. They look good and are pretty comfortable!

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Ground Branch store now has PayPal

13 May 2015 - 10:05 PM

The Ground Branch store now allows PayPal account purchases!

Remember, this is our crowdfunding drive so please support us and spread the word if you can! Things have started off well, but we need to start getting on it and get some interest going. :)

Thanks to all those who have supported us to this point. Its really fun for us to see others finally getting a taste of where we are going... and enjoying it!

Tech Preview available and Store is open!

10 May 2015 - 09:44 PM

We are happy to announce that our official Tech Preview is available for free download right now. Yes, an actual playable version of Ground Branch! We also have our store open where you can financially support development of Ground Branch moving forward. In addition to the free Tech Preview we also have an Early Access pre-order, a T-Shirt and the Operator Edition....Which includes immediate access via Steam to our development builds leading up to the official Steam Early Access release. For more information check out the store:

Posted Image

By purchasing the Operator Edition you not only help us financially, but you also have the opportunity to continuously provide feedback from playing development builds. We will use this feedback to help shape not only the Early Access release, but Ground Branch itself. We are committed to releasing development builds bi-weekly and will provide hot fixes as needed. We may also do more frequent updates if the need arises.

This is our current crowd funding to get to a successful Early Access, so if you are able please give a little extra at the store. When making a purchase, or even just getting the free Tech Preview, just enter an amount above what the set price is... easy as that. Posted Image  So please support development of Ground Branch by making a purchase, giving a little extra or just by spreading the word!

The Plan
The plan for the funding we raise from the store is to put together a solid and engaging Early Access build for Steam. This will include everything currently in the Operator Edition with the addition of more content along with examples of PvP and Coop gameplay all wrapped up in a polished presentation.

The Tech Preview will be updated as needed to continue its use as a great testing platform for compatibility and performance issues. However, we will not be keeping feature parity with Operator Edition builds for much longer as it is not a game demo. Once the Early Access is available on Steam we will release a proper Ground Branch demo.

So please, spread the word and join in the Ground Branch fun!

What others are saying
Here are just a few excellent video first looks of the Tech Preview and Operator Edition by those that have already joined in:

Read this story on GroundBranch.com

Preview 0.9.4 is available

09 May 2015 - 07:29 AM

Tech Preview 0.9.4 is available and you should receive an email notice to get the new build. As always, this is a stand alone build and can be placed/run from wherever you like. It is not an update to 0.9.3.


* Small stability fixes
* Reworked the weapon attachment system
    * Is now much cleaner
    * Allows multiple attachments (Due to this addition, we've disabled multiple FOV's until further notice)
    * Allows user to fine tune placement on rail
    * Detects overlap between attachments (overlapped attachment turns red)
    * Actual attachment mesh used during process for better visualization
    * Removed need to selected point for muzzle attachments
    * Improved removal process by creating dedicated removal point for each item.
    * More work done in area of restricting certain attachment types not being allowed to attach to others
* Reworked sight alignment system to be more robust and much easier to use (good for modders!)
* Reworked magnified optic magnification system
    * added LinearFOV array to BaseOpticalSight BP.
    * values should be in linear FOV at 1000m.
    * will automatically calculate angular FOV's using these values using formula 0.0573 x linear FOV.
        *Verified formula using information provided by optic manufacturers.  
* Eye position reverts to non-engaged position during freelook if you look off center +/- 5°
* Fixed RedDot_CompM2 sight to be facing proper direction
* Lots animation tweaks and updates for locomotion, stances, grip and reloading (Still focusing on only M4 weapon for reloads)
* New recoil system in now in place. Still needs fine tuning, but basics are there
* M4 bolt now works properly during firing
* Added in caliber specific brass casings for ejection from weapon
* Fixed up some values so ejected brass no longer spins on ground and now lasts 40-60 seconds before fading
* Fixed various typos in UI
* Cleaned up pacth UV's on character
* Added in collison volumes to block off non-playable areas in ShootingRange map
* Added in missing mag release button to M4
* Upped the magnified optic RTT size to 512x512 from 256x256 to get clearer picture
* Changed color of 20rnd mag to black to fit weapon color scheme better and made sure it fit Mk12SPR properly
* Adjusted arm patch mesh size to be correct to NATO standards
* Reworked landscape layers/shaders to fix crash bug with terrain collision on some maps
* fixed suicide command firing after respawn
* fixed sight zeroing on Mk4 10x
* added support for invert mouse
* added support for Double Click Time.
* added smooth mouse setter/getter to fix log spam & ensure its set.
* fixed bolt hold open being set if round is fired without magazine in.
    * charge animation will now play if bolt is forward & chamber is empty.
* improved sprinting.
    * added bWeaponPositionPreventsSprinting variable.
    * set if player switches to on target weapon position while sprinting.
    * resets if player switches to off target weapon position or stops sprinting.
    * added GBCharacter::CanSprint() - returns false if reloading or if bWeaponPositionPreventsSprinting is true.
    * added direction check to GBCharacterMovement - must be +/- 22.5° within forward. Fixes moon walking :)
* replaced Sight_FlipUpBUIS with Sight_FlipUp_Back & Sight_FlipUp_Front