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In Topic: Cover generator in action with EQS

31 October 2015 - 03:31 AM

Thanks for the update and progress made till now. AI taking proper cover is the most important and exciting part for me.  Posted Image

In Topic: Open World Map Design and GB

31 August 2015 - 09:23 AM

Even if maps of limited sizes are being made due to engine limitations, it would be nice if they give the impression or create an illusion of a larger map. 360 degree approach to the important destinations/ action areas and the ability to relocate to multiple separate areas when chased by enemies or for another part of the mission, may create this effect. The main action area and its approach should not feel like the entire map.

In Topic: What squad commands are required?

04 August 2015 - 03:02 AM

The mission editor in Ghost Recon was one of easiest to use modding tools I have seen... very user friendly. I think it was called Igor.  Most important things, especially regarding AI, vehicles etc. could be done using GUI. Even existing missions could be easily modified.

Upon choosing a map, AI could be added very simply. We could choose the number of soldiers in a squad, from 1 to most probably 8. Say 4 riflemen, 2 machinegunners, 1 sniper and 1 demolishion guy. Choose them from a list in a side panel and simply place them on the map by clicking on a desired spot. We could give them patrol paths if we wanted, by drawing waypoints. If we wanted defensive AI then they could be limited to a certain area by drawing a circle on the map. If we wanted them protecting an army camp then just draw the circle around the camp. If we wanted a machine gunner behind a sandbag, who will not move fromhis spot, then just choose a machine gunner, place him behind the sandbag and draw a very small circle just behind the sandbag. Those AI squads who were not limited to an area could fight well as a squad where-ever we put them. They would hunt our team down to any part of the map if they became aware of out presence. Every newly placed squad would use the terrain dynamically, move using concealed areas and fight well.

Any existing mission could be modified as easily and by the same method too. Remove a tank by choosing it on the map an deleting it. Add a truck and give it a patrol path. Place a 6 man squad in it. etc.

A lot of hard work by the developers must have gone into it  to make it that easy to use by layperson gamers. This resulted in lots and lots of great mods.

In Topic: What squad commands are required?

03 August 2015 - 01:54 AM

zoombapup...what you are saying is clearly demonstrated  by the fact that, apart from GRAW 2, no other game in the history of pc games has had AI using cover in a believable and really effective manner in a dynamic environment. It is also demonstrated by the fact that it took Bohemia 12 years to make their first believable AI in the Arma / OFP series.

In Topic: What squad commands are required?

03 August 2015 - 01:14 AM

The enemy acting as an unified entity, with communication between squads and camps, should happen in every mission, irrespective of individual mission design. This would not only be realistic but would give rise to truly dynamic and enjoyable gameplay with replayability and varying experiences, depending on the route or area of conflict  I choose, the time I take after alerting the enemy and the attack method and strategy I employ. If I can relocate after alerting the enemy but killing off the immediate patrol then we would have the enemy on high alert in camps and maybe searching for me if squads are available and equipped to do so. Can be a lot of fun, replayability and variation as far as gameplay is concerned.

Ghost Recon Island Thunder had incorporated other enemy squads hunting for us if we had alerted a far-away squad and had a firefight. This was way back in 2002. We often had new squads flanking us if we took too long to clear a given area.