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In Topic: How big the maps are gonna be?

Today, 04:37 AM

In the video you uploaded, the city with narrow streets would be nice for part of a map...the other part featuring broader streets, parks etc.  Posted Image

In Topic: How big the maps are gonna be?

Today, 02:32 AM

I like mid-range combat in open spaces. Ghost Recon type maps are ideal. Forests, villages, mountains, hills ,rivers, city streets, rail-yards, farms, bridges, jungles etc.....Basically open spaces with lots of cover. I find too much " inside-building scenarios" to be too strenuous to the eye. Extreme long range combat with little cover is too boring and you get sniped a lot. So, Ghost Recon type maps for me. 400 to 800 sq.m , as expected in GB, would be ideal.

In Topic: AI Work In Progress update #3

Yesterday, 02:29 AM

View PostKael, on 02 July 2015 - 02:25 PM, said:

I'm just glad to see they're taking the step to develop a system/framework over the easier approach of just slapping something together and masking the dumb-AI with scripted events.

With the current approach ...the AI could be one of the strongest  points of Ground Branch. The only tactical AI capable of fighting realistically and believably both outdoors and indoors.

From the time of GB was announcement, I always believed that if and when GB is released , it would come with a good AI...because otherwise it won't be a true tactical shooter.

In Topic: Picking up magazines from ground/body

02 July 2015 - 02:45 AM

It would be nice if, at the beginning of every mission, the player has the chance to equip himself fully and does not have to play the mission with some pre-assigned weapons /ammo. Choosing the weapons / attachments / ammo for both himself and his AI mates and taking lots of magazines / grenades etc. ( within a permissible realistic limit ) can be very helpful.   Posted Image

Taking ammo from AI team-mates, whether alive or dead, would be realistic. Even if there is no specific animation for it. If team-mate C is out of ammo then taking ammo from B or D and giving it to C could be very handy.

Is there any thought of swapping weapons among team-mates ? It can be very useful in situations like  ...(1) B is the only member carrying an anti armour rocket launcher. He dies.  The player or team-mates C or D can pick up and use it. (2) There is a tank and AI team-mate B, carrying the only anti-tank weapon in the team, cannot effectively fire at it and is dieing. The player takes it from him , while he is still alive, and hits the tank.

In Topic: AI Work In Progress update #3

02 July 2015 - 02:18 AM

zoombapup...This is really interesting stuff.  Gives us a sense of how realistic the AI will be, after it becomes finished product. It is really good to see so many parameters being used in the AI perception system. Cheers.  Posted Image