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Some statistics and possible answers?

03 July 2012 - 02:43 AM

So with help with spreading the word. I decided to send out mass emails to all the fps buds I have. I pretty much just play fps games so my friend email list is cornered to that. After waiting for a bit I was utterly surprised by the reactions in emails. It was either one end of the spectrum or the other. Think I even emailed some bota's sorry bros I know youve been lurkin here as long as I have.

Id hate to say it but my assumption not many like or know kickstarter.

I sent out over 400 some emails. People that rented servers way back when to people playing free to play games today. So this list is old to new for some years now.

About 260 or so replied. The responses is what threw me for a loop!

The responses ranged from

What the hell is kickstarter? They dont have enough money to make a game and want me to pay for it before hand?

It looks good but theres no content!

Great another soon to be developer that wont talk to people on forums after they made their money.

I like it but it looks dated.

OMG YESSSHHH oh wait theres no AI.

To sum it up out of all the emails and I will not copy and paste due to class and how hard I know you guys worked on project but statistics wise................

Not many look at Kickstarter as a viable avenue for resources.  It almost gets marked as scam from beginning. I know different and so do many others here that its just to get funding but with others EVEN IF THEY DO READ WHAT ITS ABOUT dont care.

Now with the ones truly interested and somewhat understand kickstarter and the whole shalami. Theres no content? Wow great a guy going through a map shooting at nothing.

Rage are you still wishing a developer of any kind gives a ######?

It was just amazing to me that others just dont get it? I can look at the videos and drool. Others dont realize whats there and its a god dam shame.

All I can say is this

THANK YOU! The video demos you released let me relive when I was young!