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In Topic: ArmA3 announced...

26 July 2016 - 02:29 AM

Just released GR:Island Thunder 2 in Arma3 for those interested in some SP/co8 GR style missions - https://forums.bistu...hunder-2-tanoa/

In Topic: ArmA3 announced...

21 July 2016 - 06:43 AM

Loved Podagorsk until BIS stuffed up the ponds - I built a beautiful GR campaign on that map but no water just ruined a lot of missions because it eliminated choke points.
Don't get me wrong either, a love a heap of user made Arma maps and just generally I love what the modding community does and the relationship BIS has with that community.

In Topic: Ghost Recon: Wild Lands

17 July 2016 - 02:21 AM

If you introduce first person view only option to this game, tweak the AI, make bullets dangerous, and dumb down the drone (no auto-opfor marker) then this game could be a worthy successor. Open world tactical gameplay when decisions matter, this could work for sure.

There's definitely hope for this game.

In Topic: Escape From Tarkov

17 July 2016 - 12:47 AM


In Topic: ArmA3 announced...

16 July 2016 - 09:55 PM

Respectfully, I disagree. Tanoa is a great addon and if you think user made terrains are better than Tanoa then you're seeing something that I missed. Lingor was great for its time but the is a vast improvement.