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BlackFoot Studios LLC, based in Columbus Ohio, was founded in 2004 by John Sonedecker, a 15 year industry veteran developer who has been involved with some of the most prominent and successful realistic tactical shooter franchises. John was one of the key original members of Red Storm Entertainment, an originator of the Squad Based Tactical Shooter genre. The studio has also contracted its talents to various projects for high profile developers and publishers. The studio also maintains working relationships with various arms of the US Military such as the US Army, US Air Force and United States Special Operations Command.

BlackFoot Studios is a small "high speed, low drag" independent studio whose goal is to fill a void in the style of games many would call ‘Classic’ tactical squad based gaming; As well as develop gaming products that cater to the “thinking gamers” of the tactical first person shooter genre. The studio was founded with very specific principals on game and level design that aims to appeal to the realistic ‘Classic’ tactical oriented audience, while still maintaining an incredibly fun and non-frustrating experience.

With the Studio's talent for creating challenging realism while maintaining fun game play, gamers will find themselves in an immersive virtual world of military Special Operations, with never before presented perspectives and gameplay.

BlackFoot Studios is a proud supporter of the Special Operations Warrior Foundation: