Ground Branch

BlackFoot Studios' premiere title; Ground Branch is based on the real life subsection of the Special Activities Division of the Central Intelligence Agency. The Special Activities Division typically carries out deniable covert operations on foreign soil and often goes into a situation before anyone else, before Special Forces, before the SEALs, before DevGru; SAD Ground Branch is the true tip of the spear. SAD Ground Branch operatives are mainly recruited from Army Special Forces or CAG units and are experts in field craft, surveillance, small arms, hostage rescue and Close Quarters Battle.

Being a CIA unit Ground Branch has a free hand to get the job done and as such will take measures which military units cannot. There are laws in war and Ground Branch tears those pages out of the book when necessary. They are the gunslingers of modern day warfare and are not a direct combat unit but instead rely on stealth and hit and run tactics. This means their operational manners may be deemed questionable by some at times. Ground Branch isn’t sent in to be an ambassador of good will, they are sent in to get very specific results.

As players, gameplay will be deliberate, calculated, gritty and heavy. Without the consequence of death and loss there is no depth to the game. Loss will be personal and unavoidable. We are not taking the moral high ground but players will sense the impact of thier actions. Your gear choices, route choices, team plan and actions against the enemy will all play into your success or failure. Multiplayer games will be methodical with pockets of quick but intense firefights all the way to long drawn out engagements against an equally matched team. There is no artificial balancing, but the individual’s skill and decision making will be what allows them to succeed.

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US Government Projects

The studio has worked on various applications for branches of the US Army, US Air Force, United States Special Operations Command the and Department of Defense. Past projects range from virtual mission rehearsal and training to intelligence site exploitation. We continue to maintain working relationships with these entities.


Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad - Contractor

BlackFoot Studios successfully completed a contract to provide art asset creation to Tripwire Interactive's latest AAA title.

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Red Storm Entertainment - Contractor

Many successful art asset creation contracts have been completed with Red Storm Entertainment for projects including Rainbow Six:Lockdown, Ghost Recon 2, and Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 1 & 2.